Neighborhood Children’s Meeting in Los Angeles

Neighborhood Children’s Meeting in Los Angeles

Submitted by: V.H. (Los Angeles, CA)

We have been having monthly neighborhood children’s meetings since January 2010. These gatherings are very precious and encouraging. They give us a way to contact families and neighbors whom might not otherwise be open to hearing the gospel. It also gives the wives, moms, and sisters among us a field in which they stand on the front lines for the gospel. And just as important, it instills within our children a consciousness that they are seeds of the gospel. Recently, some of the neighborhood children (non church kids) have been pestering their family each week, asking “Is today the neighborhood children’s meeting?” These children also have their favorite songs and are not shy to make requests during the singing time. It’s quite encouraging to see that the seed of the gospel is being firmly planted within them. We still need to learn how to “draw the net” among the parents and families who regularly attend these times. They may not realize it, but each time they sing “Why was a cup made?”, the gospel is getting into them as well! We look forward to more fellowship and learning from saints in other areas who are practicing in this way.

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  1. DC says:

    Wow – very encouraging video! So normal, practical, and beneficial to the children and their parents.

  2. MN says:

    Thanks for posting this helpful video! Hopefully, many more videos from different neighborhood children’s meetings reportedly sprouting up in multiple localities can also be posted so that young parents and serving ones across the Lord’s recovery can see different embodiments and formats of these all-important meetings. May the Lord cause our children to become genuine seeds of the gospel and gateways for many seeking families to be reached.

  3. Love says:

    It is a wonderful realization to see how precious the children are in the Lords recovery. I also have this neighborhood children’s meeting here in the Philippines and by God’s grace and mercy we are still meeting until now.. Most of theme are non church kids but they are enjoying our fellowship and the seed of the gospel are in them.

  4. B.H. says:

    It is encouraging seeing others raise up childrens meetings in their neighborhoods. We have a heart to do the same and have been praying and contacting those around us regarding forming one. How precious these young ones are in God’s eyes and what a wonderful way to contact thier friends and family with the Lord.

  5. NH says:

    Wonderful! We just started our neighbourhood children’s meeting this september, and I found this video on youtube back then. It was so encouraging and also useful in what to do for content/flow of the meeting. Praise the Lord for the neighbourhood children’s meetings!

  6. Jan Fearn says:

    Where can I get to see that video on neighborhood children’s meetings?

  7. Johanna says:

    Can you please post more videos of your children’s meeting? Some new ones in our area want to have their own children’s meeting but they need to see some patterns. Thanks a lot!

  8. Rosita says:

    Thank you for this video saints in LA

  9. Karen says:

    Dear saints,

    Where can we get the songs n more videos on ur ncm?


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