The Lord’s Move in an Unexpected Way

Submitted by: Michelle Mitcheff (formerly Britt) (Sheridan, Wyoming) I recently got married and the day or our honeymoon my husband was laid off and the Lord moved us to a place I had no desire to come. I cannot say


Prayer With Companions/2s & 3s

Submitted by: Nyasha Tindall (New York, NY) With the prayer in the 2s and 3s, the Lord does superabundantly above what we ask or think! The center of my churchlife is the prayer in the 2s and 3s. Without this


Let’s take the land!

Submitted by: P.K. (Sacramento, CA) It seems that everything I’m currently reading in the ministry is speaking companionship. In The All-inclusive Christ by WL, we see that the enjoyment of Christ is a progression, a continual development. We begin to


All Ages

Submitted by: C.K. (Los Angeles, CA) Recently I and four college students have been pray-reading two verses every other day in the evening. We read the verse, the footnotes, then pray-read the word. After this, we exercise to share with


I am learning to pray with a companion regularly

Submitted by: J.K. (Anaheim, CA) I have been a Christian for more than a decade now. As a reflect on those many years, I can say without hesitation that my walk with the Lord has been full of ups and


Vital Companions

Submitted by: J.K. (Irvine, CA) What I am today is altogether due to the Lord’s merciful arrangement in giving me a vital companion to pursue Him and mutually share each other’s burdens with. Having been born into His recovery, I’ve


Praise the Lord for the 2’s or 3’s

Submitted by: S. Chon (Irvine, CA) Praise the Lord for the 2’s or 3’s. It’s been such a blessing being under the speaking to realize how vital it is for us to be built up in these groups of 2’s or


I need companions

Submitted by: Cynthia M. (Los Angeles, CA) I have been in the church life for almost 4 years and I praise the Lord that I have been shepherded by so many saints in my locality, trainees, and just so many