Burden for the young working saints

Submitted by: Beth L. (Houston, TX)

I was told about these messages by a full-timer here in Texas, and I am so grateful to her for telling me about the site. Just listening to these messages, I am encouraged. Encouraged to know there are so many who attended to hear the brothers’ speaking and encouraged because there are so many young adults who are serious about entering into the reality of the corporate God-man living. It is such a great mercy of the Lord that these brothers are faithful regarding this burden for the young working saints, and my prayer is that saints throughout the recovery would pick up this same burden. So many in this age group have been trained, and like one of the brothers shared, it is a shame to lose such ones to the world. I just hope more young adults in the recovery will visit this site and listen to these messages and be encouraged that we are running the race together and pursuing with those who desire to love not the world and love not our soul life but just give ourselves unreservedly to the Lord for His glorious purpose.

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