The precious truths in the Lord’s recovery

Submitted by: I. Tor (Sydney, Australia)

I am a brother who has grown up in the church life. What has fascinated, motivated me the most in the Lord’s recovery, is not some kind of outward, exciting fanfare, nor a movement of phenomenal proportions, but the ministry of all the precious, previously hidden and lost truths concerning God’s eternal economy in the Lord’s recovery today. It never ceases to amaze me how much truth is pouring out in the Lord’s recovery today, conference after conference, publication after publication. It is not outward solace that encourages me, but rather the truths that unveils Christ in His all-inclusiveness and the church as the Body, the increase and fullness of such a Christ, consummating in the New Jerusalem, that grants me such infallible encouragement daily. I have read through much of the ministry, and have heard countless messages, but the truths of God’s eternal economy remains exceedingly fresh and penetrating (even more so today than ever before), and my path in pursuing this Christ unveiled in the truth of His word with the saints grows brighter and brighter unto the full day. I have realized that whatever we pass through in the church life, in our daily life, the object is for us to buy the truth( both in revelation and experience), whether it be in bitter experiences, so that the Christ who is so worked and constituted into us, would have His expression through us as the living Body of Christ. May we so learn Christ, in whom is the reality, the truth of all that God is expressed in humanity, to be manifested as the one new man!

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