Ron Kangas, Anaheim, August 2009

This message was given by Ron Kangas and Benson Phillips to young adults at the 2009 Summer Training.

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2 thoughts on “Ron Kangas, Anaheim, August 2009

  1. I appreciate the examples that brother Ron gave about serving in the church life. I was exposed to see that I don’t have a high enough value of practical service functions such as arranging the chairs, etc. Too often my view is that these things just need to “get done”, but I miss the opportunity to minister Christ. How wonderful to be a brother or sister serving faithfully in the church life.

  2. Yes i guess i have also missed the part of ministering Christ in serving in the church in so many areas. may the Lord quicken us and make us those who are brothers and sisters who serve faithfully in the church life.amen.

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