January 23, 2020

The New Living to Him Website

Welcome to the new release of the Living to Him website.

With this new version of the website, we have introduced several new sections and features that we hope will address the specific needs of young adults and provide a forum for mutual fellowship and encouragement.

The new sections of the website are:

God’s Move
This section will contain fellowship regarding how we as young adults can participate in the current move of the Lord, including GTCA.

Our Pursuit
This section of the website will contain fellowship concerning healthy life habits and organic practices for pursuing the Lord. Subsections include Prayer, Migration, Vital Groups, Truth Constitution, and The Gospel.

Our Situations
This section of the website addresses the specific situations that we find ourselves in as young adults. The current subsections of this area are Parenthood, Marriage, Working, and Education. In these subsections, you’ll find excerpts from the ministry on these topics and will be invited to share your own fellowship and experiences.

Our Testimonies
This section of the website will contain testimonies submitted by young adults.

This is where you will find mp3s of messages given by the co-workers to the young adults.


Posting Comments
As you peruse the website, you’ll notice that there is a “comments” section below every website post. Please use these comments sections to share any questions, experiences, enjoyment, or fellowship that you have regarding the material in that post. You can also make a comment in reply to someone else’s comment. We hope that these interactive comments will provide a forum for fellowship about a wide range of topics of interest to us as young adults. You are required to provide a name and email in order post a comment. This is to prevent spam. However, please feel free to provide a screen name or simply your initials if you wish to remain anonymous. Also, please be assured that your email address will not appear publicly on the website and will not be shared with anyone.

Contributing Testimonies
We also hope that many young adults would contribute testimonies and reports for inclusion on the website. In particular, we invite you to submit video testimonies and reports. These videos should be less than 10 minutes and can be about anything that you are enjoying or that is happening in your locality. You can upload your video testimonies to YouTube and tell us where to find them, or you can email them to livingtohim[at]gmail.com. Please see this post for an example of a video testimony.

Making Suggestions
We hope that this website will be a truly collaborative endeavor, and we are wide open to your suggestions for improvements. If you have ideas,  please send us an email or fill out our contact form.

May the Lord bless this website for His purpose!

4 thoughts on “The New Living to Him Website

  1. Praise the Lord for your good work. This will surely benefit working saints in the Lord’s recovery around the world on specific practical needs as supplied by the ministry of the age.

  2. Thank you saints for your labor on this redesigned site. The recorded messages have been a tremendous supply to me in the past. I think the new categories at the top of the page (“Our Pursuit” and “Our Situations”) will meet the particular need of the young working saints.

  3. I think the new organization and design of the site will be very helpful to young working saints. I especially like the Our Situations and Our Pursuit sections. As a husband and parent my pursuit is directly affected by my situations, so it’s good to get fellowship on both. Many times the best shepherding we receive is when saints share with us specific portions of the ministry that match our situation. Looking forward to more ministry excerpts.

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