January 20, 2020

Helpful Website: GTCA.us

If you are interested in learning more about the background and burden for GTCA 2011, you can go to the following website:


The website contains much useful information about the two components of GTCA 2011–the sowing trips and the long-term farming–as well as a list of the target cities and goals to be reached over the next ten years.

Online Application Form

You can also obtain more information and apply to participate in the two-week sowing trips here (deadline is Dec. 27):  http://gtca.us/gospeltrips/


In this website (http://GTCA.us), you will also find:

  • The update video (16:00)  shown at the Int’l Thanksgiving Conference.
  • The introductory video (17:26)  shown at the Summer Training.
  • And two instructional videos–on “sowing” (4:27) and on “farming” (5:15).

4 thoughts on “Helpful Website: GTCA.us

    1. There’s also a video dedicated to the sowing trips coming up in a couple of months. The deadline is Dec. 20, so sign up quickly (online)!

    2. Mark, Thank you for alerting us to this new video. By watching this video and reading some of the posts and comments on this website (especially “Praying More and Working Less,” and “The Prayer of the Recovered Church”) I am really impressed that we are living in a special time. I remember that when the Lord opened Russia for the gospel back in the 90s Dan Towle said that there are windows that open in God’s move and that we have to be quick to enter into them before they close. I believe that one of those windows has opened up and that the Lord is calling us to enter in. All of the reports coming in indicate that city after city is truly open to the Lord’s recovery and that the Lord has turned the hearts of many dear believers in Christianity. We are in a new era. And this new era requires a new response and a new level of cooperation. I just want to be one who gives the Lord my best cooperation, and my hope is that the Lord would gain me and so many of our generation to give Him the response that He desires.

      1. Nathan, I fully agree that these times are certainly special, full of promise and hope. What a privilege to be here at the cusp of a new era.

        Your fellowship also reminded me of the perils of not responding. There’s a passage in “The Flow of the Spirit” where brother Nee says something to the effect that the church is like stepping stones in a stream and that the greatest glory is for the Holy Spirit to work on us to make us stepping stones upon which He can move. If He can’t move through us, He will choose another stone to step on. (Oh, Lord!) The most striking (and perhaps ominous) sentence was the following:

        “Each day the Holy Spirit is bypassing men and setting them aside, group by group. Many people seem to have lost their usefulness. Therefore, we have to be on the path of the Holy Spirit. If the Spirit cannot accomplish anything through us, He must make a new start with somebody else. What a solemn matter this is!” (emphasis added)

        May the Lord gain the response He needs so that many from our generation could hear those long-awaited and sought-after words, “Well done, good and faithful slave…enter into the joy of your Master!”

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