Organic Practices for An Overcoming Living

Several years ago, in a time of fellowship with a group of young adults, Brother Benson Phillips presented these 12 organic practices for an overcoming living:

  1. Having a scheduled living including the following:
  2. Consecrating daily, even hourly,
  3. Having morning revival daily, that is, being revived every day,
  4. Reading the Word daily—at least one chapter, including the footnotes,
  5. Reading the ministry daily—three to five pages or one message,
  6. Praying daily and calling on the name of the Lord continually,
  7. Joining a companion or companions (one or two) in prayer—two or three times a week,
  8. Attending the district meetings of the church weekly—Lord’s Day table and prophesying meetings and weekly corporate prayer meetings of the church and functioning periodically in the meetings by speaking or praying,
  9. Joining or beginning a group meeting and attending weekly,
  10. Visiting other saints or inviting them into your home twice each month for shepherding through exercising all-inclusive tender care upon them by cherishing and nourishing them,
  11. Preaching the gospel by visiting people—colleagues, friends, relatives, classmates, neighbors, ones in roads and hedges (the Gentile world), or knocking on doors randomly—twice each month, and passing out gospel tracts with all diligence,
  12. Sanctifying our finances.

Over the next several weeks, we will devote this section of the website (Our Pursuit / Organic Practices) to these 12 life practices. Our goal is to dedicate at least one post to each of the 12 items on the list.

We hope that many readers of this website will join us to examine these crucial topics. If you are aware of a particularly enlightening portion of the ministry that touches on one of these items, please let us know. And if you have experienced success or failure regarding any of these practices, please share your experiences so that we all can learn from one another.

4 thoughts on “Organic Practices for An Overcoming Living

  1. I am enjoying the material on this website. In particular i am learning to contact the Lord in the morning in a prevailing way to meet Him and have Him speak to me.This time is precious and is not for studying the truth or praying for particular burdens but to contact the Lord in a living and refreshing way to be refreshed by Him.

    I am also learning and enjoying the need for thorough confession under the Lord’s enlightenment.This affords us the opportunity to take a shower and be cleansed of all our impurities, sins, transgressions, dispositional problems,evil desires and motives, individualism and so much more.

    This ministy is truly of the Lord and a help to me. It has changed my life for the better . What a wonderful matter to have Christ in me growing, so that i maybe built into the Church,His body, to consumate the New Jerusalem.

  2. This post and messages that I’ve been listening to regarding these same items by brother Andrew Yu has really been a help to my wife and me. We are even “monitoring” each other in love and prayer with a spreadsheet. Perhaps this could be a help to other saints.

    You will need a google account(free). And you will need to change the Share options in the document in order to allow others to edit it.

    Grace be with you all.

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