December 9, 2019

GTCA Update from the Winter Training

An updated GTCA report from the winter training is now available through  Click here to download the report as a PDF.

You can also view the update video given at the conclusion of the winter training by clicking here.

Some highlights from the update report and video are:

  • A total of over 1000 saints will be participating in the two-week “sowing” trips that will be held January 29-Feb 15, 2011
  • The “tilling” of the soil has begun with national radio campaigns which will play in the 30 cities prior to the sowing trips.  Click here to listen to the radio ads.
  • The goals for each gospel trip include not only the distribution of New Testament Recovery Versions and related literature, but specifically, gaining 8 to 12 solid new people in 2 to 3 home meetings in each of the 30 cities.

In view of this strategic move of the Lord in North America, the churches are encouraged to designate this month of January for particular prayer.  Much and thorough prayer is needed to pave the way for the Lord to grow and spread in the United States and Canada in the coming decade.  The co-workers have specifically set aside January 17-18, 2011 for particular intercession.

May all the saints renew their vow of consecration at the start of this year and rise up together as energizing priests of the gospel to proclaim the glad tidings of truth and life.

4 thoughts on “GTCA Update from the Winter Training

  1. As respects contacting the Lord in a definite and prevailing way is such an encouraging word and exhortation I believe from the Lord Himself as this is His recovery and He wants us to be in the center of what He is doing and be participants and not spectators!! I am 66 years old, but still believe this word is for me as well as any age. We must come to Him to allow Him to just love us and speak to us where we are as He wants to be our everything, not just our agenda. Lord have mercy on us and show us clearly the importance of this word. Draw us that we may run after thee.

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