January 22, 2020

Holding to the Faithful Word

Titus 1:9 says, “Holding to the faithful word, which is according to the teaching of the apostles, that he may be able both to exhort by the healthy teaching and to convict those who oppose.”

While this charge was given by the apostle Paul to Titus concerning the appointment of elders, all of us who are given to the Lord for His recovery should desire the same characteristics. One of these characteristics is to hold to the faithful word, which is the “trustworthy, reliable, and true word that was taught in the churches according to the apostles’ teaching.” (Footnote 2) The apostles’ teaching eventually became the New Testament. It is according to this teaching that the churches were established and it is this teaching that the churches followed (Acts 2:42).

In this category of posts we would like to hold to the faithful word which is according to the apostle’s teaching given during the 7 annual feasts as well as local conferences around the world. We are asking for submission of 1) your enjoyment and overflow from any of the feasts or conferences and 2) links to any audio messages given in local conferences, using the Contact Us page. Also please reply to any of the future posts and use it as a forum for fellowship. May our generation be one that holds to and does not deviate from the faithful word so that we may live and serve according to the vision of God’s New Testament economy.

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