Special Fellowship During the Summer Training 2011

This post contains the video and audio (.mp3) recordings as well as a handout (.pdf) from a working saints fellowship with some coworkers on July 9, 2011 in Anaheim, California, during the Summer Training. Brothers Andrew Yu and Benson Phillips shared some fellowship to this particular category of saints, and a number of brothers and sisters gave reports and testimonies.

More than 600 brothers and sisters attended the meeting in person and approximately 130 watched the meeting live online via ustream.com.



To listen to the audio here on livingtohim.com, just press play on the audio player below. To download a copy of the audio file, right click here.
[audio: https://s3.amazonaws.com/livingtohim-audio/2011-07-09+Young+Working+Saints+Fellowship+at+2011+Summer+Training.mp3]


To view or download a copy of the handout that was given out during this gathering concerning the homes, please click here.

At the beginning of the fellowship, the video report from wemigrate.org which was posted here on August 13 was shown due to its particular emphasis and relevance to the young working saints.

If you enjoyed something from the meeting or have a related testimony, please use the comments section below to share your enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Special Fellowship During the Summer Training 2011

  1. This is very true. When I had first come to the Lord this life in me wanted to be with the saints. Where ever they were we met, gathered to fellowship, pray, study, testify, sing, worship. Then I did not understand this concept of the home. The enemy drove us from our homes because we had come to the Lord individually outside the home.

    Now that the Church’s standing has been recovered and have come out of religious gatherings we must begin meeting in our homes. When I first had come to the Lord we didn’t care as young people how many times we met during the week we just met. As our Brother shared we young people were hungry for the truth so we met.

    His life in His divine economy in the Kingdom meets and cares for one another. In Mathew chapter 7 the King’s Life takes care of others. The manifestation of this Life today is the Church life, hallelujah!

    God gave us grace and peace in Him, may we be found in Him, Amen.

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