January 20, 2020

Calling for Online Facilitators for New BfA Program

In order to help the thousands of ministry books recipients to enjoy the books they are receiving, Bibles for America has developed an online program called the “BfA Reading Group”. This program will last six weeks from November 7th to December 17th and go through volume 1 of “Basic Elements of the Christian Life”. Every week participants will read one chapter from the book plus two blog posts. They will be encouraged to share their inspiration, questions, and experiences, etc. on the blog.

In order for this program to be successful, BfA needs saints to function as facilitators for these reading groups. These facilitators will respond to the weekly blog posts and comments from the participants. Anyone who is interested should contact BfA at reading@bfa.org for more information. The deadline for sign-up is October 26. BfA will then contact the participating saints for additional fellowship and instructions. May the Lord raise us up to dispense the riches of this ministry to all the hungry ones!

4 thoughts on “Calling for Online Facilitators for New BfA Program

  1. Wow, this is a BRILLIANT Idea! The way for others to see what is in these rich books is by enjoying the sharing from those who read them many times. Because we don’t speak about these books and we don’t blog about them, it’s not easy to find out what’s in them. But, Amen, this initiative sounds great, and it will work!

    May the Lord feed all the ones hungry for the truth – and may the knowledge of Jehovah fill the earth as waters cover the sea!

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