Christian Research Institute – Shortcomings of an Open Letter (5 Videos)

In this series of videos, Hank Hanegraaff and Elliot Miller discuss the “Open Letter to the Leadership of Living Stream Ministry” and how seventy Christian scholars and ministry leaders could be wrong. Elliot describes the early research done by CRI and comments that, “they [the open letter signers] would be wrong only follows since they’re building their conclusions on our original work, and we were wrong.”

Elliot Miller then goes on to speak about Witness Lee’s teaching on the Trinity. He says that Western Christianity tends to oversimplify the Trinity while the teaching of Witness Lee and the local churches “actually are bringing a correction to a problem within Western evangelicalism.” Next, Elliot comments on the teaching on deification. He states that, “Witness Lee says, on the one hand, the New Testament reveals that the Godhead is unique and that only God alone who has the Godhead should be worshipped. On the other hand, the New Testament reveals that we believers in Christ have God’s life and nature, that we are becoming God in life and nature but will never have His Godhead.” Elliot then discusses some of the implications of this statement and concludes, “They’re talking about things that we ourselves believe in.” Hank Hanegraaff further confirms this point by speaking about the affirmation of a famous axiom of Athanasius, an early church father sometimes called “the father of orthodoxy,” that “God became man to make man God.” He says it is a double standard to accuse Witness Lee of heresy when Athanasius affirms the same thing. Furthermore, Hank says, “The Apostle Peter would be suspect for stating that we are partakers of the divine nature.” Finally, Elliot explains the teaching of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee concerning the proper standing of a local church.

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3 thoughts on “Christian Research Institute – Shortcomings of an Open Letter (5 Videos)

  1. Since I have entered the experience of the oneness in the local churches, things have become more simple and uncomplicated. We are ruled by the fact that we are redeemed, and as redeemed ones in the locality where I live my only right is to love and accept any other believer.Praise the Lord, He is the Head of the Body and I am not the boss of anyone. We help one another to see Christ and enjoy Christ.

  2. Praise the Lord for His mercy & His grace! The Lord in His sovereignty has stirred my heart to long for the church life and subsequently led me to the local church, to enjoy Him as the Godhead and to be built together with brothers & sisters as His Body in the local church. I am finally worshiping Him in spirit and in truthfulness (John 4.24). Now I can praise the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing God to us in His incarnation, for expressing God in His human living, for accomplishing the judicial redemption in His crucifixion, for producing the Church in His resurrection and for taking men captive in His Ascension. Every day I am loving Him and enjoying Him more and more. I praise Him for bringing me and keeping me in the church life despite opposition.

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