12 Directions of Prayer for North America




The following points are offered as suggested directions for the prayer of the saints and the churches specifically related to the Lord’s move in North America. These points are not meant to limit but to release the prayer. We encourage all the saints and the churches to join the resurrected and ascended Christ in His intercession for His interests in North America.

1. The intensified preaching of the high gospel, the propagation of the word of the ministry, and the establishment of new local churches, for the increase and spread of the Lord’s testimony.

2. The people who are predestinated by God: (1) sinners to be saved and seeking believers to come to the full knowledge of the truth, (2) proper and useful ones to be gained for the recovery.

3. All ages of saints in the churches to function according to their capacity, especially in the raising up of the next generation – the children, young people, and college-age saints – for the Lord’s testimony according to His economy.

4. The growing ranks of young working saints (ages 20-40) in the churches, both the job-dropping and the job-keeping saints, including the graduates of the full-time training, to be strong in the spirit to overcome in order to live Christ for the church and to be normal functioning members in the service of the Body to bear the primary burden in the practical church life.

5. All the saints to be renewed in their heart toward mankind, to be laboring priests of the gospel, to personally, directly, regularly, and faithfully visit and contact people for their spiritual welfare, to bear remaining fruit, and to shepherd the Lord’s sheep for the increase of the recovery and the building up of the Body.

6. The campus work and the community gospel work.

7. The full-time training (FTTA, FTTA-XB, FTTMx, FTTA-MA), including the trainees, the trainers, and the serving ones.

8. The services of and the serving saints at Living Stream Ministry, Defense and Confirmation Project, Bibles for America, Bibles for Canada, and Rhema Literature Distributors.

9. The forces of religious opposition to the Lord’s recovery to be bound, the names of Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and the local churches to be cleared from blame, and the number of friends of the recovery among Christian leaders to grow.

10. The establishing and preservation of strong and spiritual marriages and healthy and sanctified families as solid foundational units for the building up of the local churches.

11. The preservation of society from moral degradation and corruption, especially in the United States, which is still a strategic and leading nation for God’s move in His recovery on the earth today.

12. The hand of God to be upon the leaders in the highest levels of government to guide the North American nations in the fear of God, in reverence for God’s Word, and in respect for His principles, so that the church life can go on in peace.

– The co-workers in North America

This, as well as other links, language translations, documents, and media regarding the current prayer burden can be found at Beseeching.org.


8 thoughts on “12 Directions of Prayer for North America

  1. Br. Andrew Yu in the last message of the conference said that everytime we pray we are jamming the enemy’s system! The following are a few definitions for jamming that may apply to our purpose in praying for God’s Economy and against the enemy,
    -to press, squeeze, or wedge tightly between bodies or surfaces, so that motion or extrication is made difficult or impossible
    -to bruise or crush by squeezing
    -to press, push, or thrust violently, as into a confined space or against some object
    -block up by crowding; obstruct
    -to put or place in position with a violent gesture
    -to make (something) unworkable by causing parts to become stuck, blocked, caught, displaced
    -Radio def.
    to interfere with by sending out other signals of approximately the same frequency
    -to become unworkable, as through the wedging or displacement of a part.
    -to block, congest, or clog. To crush or bruise.
    -to arrest

    Amen, Jesus is Lord and the Church prays today exercising her God given authority.

    1. Amen. Thank you for that; it was very informative. Praise the Lord Jesus! He has given us the keys to the kingdom of the heavens and the authority to bind and loose on Earth what is bound and loosed in the heavens. Hallelujah! Let’s exercise our will in withstanding the wiles of the enemy. Let’s rebuke all of Satan’s works, roots, fruits, links, and tactics, casting them into the abyss, rendering them deaf, dumb, blind, mute, and unable to gesture!

    2. Yes, thank you for these expounding of jamming. I especially like the “bruise or crush” definition.

      Romans 16:20
      Now the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly…

  2. Wow saints, I get watered and enlightened and my spirit stirred simply by reading and pray-reading over these points! Amen Lord, do as You have spoken and expressed through these announcements!

  3. Praise the Lord! We have 20 wonderful points to pray over (including the previous 8) over the next 20 days. As a practical way to enter into the burden, my wife and I are exercising to pray over one each day. Hallelujah for the Lord’s move on the earth.

  4. These 12 points are all so rich. After the elections, I was burdened to pray more for the last 3 points on the list. The situation in society looks dark. But,the Lord is wanting to preserve some in North America for His purpose. In spite of the current of this age, He is preserving at least a remnant of the society to be vessels useful to Him. I also was more burdened to pray for the predestinated ones to be saved and brought to the full knowledge of the truth, after the incident in Connecticut. May He stir all of us up to have a heart for mankind. These tragedies have to work for the white horse of the gospel to run faster.

  5. Would be wonderful to have the boocks of the high peack of the divine revelagion on audio so we could lisen to them and share with our friends. Amen.

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