Msg. 13: LS of Zechariah

The reading for Tuesday, December 18th, is Message 13 in the Life-Study of Zechariah:

This message covers verses in Zechariah 12 and 13.

Here is the outline from the message:
B. In Their Household Salvation
1. Hardness Coming upon a Part of Israel
2. All Israel to Be Saved
3. Perhaps Taking Place While the Great War of Armageddon Is About to End
4. Jehovah God Pouring Out on the House of David and on the Inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of Grace and of Supplications
a. Wailing over Him with Wailing and Crying Bitterly over Him with Bitter Crying
b. There Being Great Wailing in Jerusalem
5. The Divine Provision and the Sovereign Preparation for the Household Salvation of Israel
a. The Divine Provision of a Redeemer with His Redemption
1) God Providing an Opened Fountain
2) God Cutting Off the Names of the Idols and Causing the False Prophets and the Unclean Spirit to Pass from the Land
3) Christ Coming to Be the Real Prophet but Being Rejected and Wounded in His Side in the House of Israel, His Relatives in the Flesh
4) Christ, the Fellow of Jehovah, Coming as the God-sent Shepherd to the Children of Israel but Being Attacked unto Death by Them
b. The Sovereign Preparation of a People to Receive the Redeemer with His Redemption
1) God Reacting to the Rejection of Christ by the Children of Israel and Turning His Hand upon Them as the Little Ones
2) In the Great Tribulation Two-thirds of Them Being Cut Off by Antichrist
3) One-third of the Remnant Being Left in the Land
4) They Calling on the Lord’s Name and the Lord Answering Them

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2 thoughts on “Msg. 13: LS of Zechariah

  1. There is a prayer within me after reading this message. “Lord, I am short of God. I have lost my taste for life and for acquiring high positions and earthly possessions. Lord, everything apart from God is vanity of vanities. I repent and turn to You with an open heart and an exercised spirit. Pour out upon me Your Spirit of power and especially Your Spirit of grace that I may have the enjoyment of God.”

  2. “The Spirit of Grace in Zechariah 12:10 is a sweet term… We should experience the Spirit both as the Spirit of power and as the Spirit of grace. The Spirit of power is to strengthen us, but the Spirit of grace is to bring us into the enjoyment of the Triune God.”

    The outpouring of the Spirit of God will be intensified. When we open to Him, there will be more of the filling. Remember, Acts is the fulfillment of the prophecy in Joel 2. The Spirit has been outpoured as a foretaste. The full taste of the early rain will be experienced by the Jews before the great tribulation. In any case, we should call upon His name in everywhere (1 Cor. 1:2), because the Spirit has been outpoured.

    My first live training was on Acts. From what I remember, the Spirit has been outpoured because of what Christ has accomplished, not because of our merit. He is the anointed One. In eternity He is the anointed One, then for His ministry He was anointed, and in His ascension He was anointed- Christ the Head and the Body.

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