Life-Study Reading Program: Genesis is starting a corporate reading program of the Life-Study of Genesis at a pace of 3 messages a week beginning this Wednesday, May 22nd. Besides posting the reading schedule online here, we will post a weekly summary every Saturday for everyone to respond to with their enjoyment.

To encourage everyone to participate in this reading program with their companion(s), we recommend a website called “Excellent Believer“, which is designed specifically to facilitate Life-Study reading in groups. Please click here for details.

We pray that the Lord will reconstitute us with the ministry of the age embodied in these rich messages.

5 thoughts on “Life-Study Reading Program: Genesis

  1. I’m excited to start another corporate reading! Would it be possible for the links to the messages to be posted as they were in the other programs? Thank you Lord for these messages!

    1. Dear Julie, as of now we do not have plans to post the links for every message like we have done in the past. However we have added a link to the online Life-Study of Genesis in the “USEFUL LINKS” box on the right panel.

  2. I’ve just started the Exodus Life-Study, but it sure would be enjoyable to re-read Genesis corporately in my locality.

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