Migration Testimonies

Submitted by: S.M. and J.M. who migrated from Streamwood, IL to Fullerton, CA in 2010 to serve full-time in a job-dropping way and attend the full-time training.

What is the spiritual highlight of your migration?
We gave up two decent jobs and sold or gave away 80% of what we owned to migrate. After we arrived here in Fullerton in September, 2010, we realized that we did not “give up” anything. All that we let go of pales in comparison to the experience of gaining the Triune God and realizing He is what matters. We would have quit or got new jobs at some point in the future anyway. And after a day of driving, I couldn’t even remember 99% of the things we sold or gave away. In short, the jobs and the things that we thought were so near and dear to us just vanished in our hearts and in our memories. As a result, I can truly say more room was made in our being for the Lord to move into. Amen.

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