Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 69-71

This week we come to messages 69-71 of the Life-Study of Genesis. These messages cover chapters 28-31 in Genesis and can be read here.

The title for message 69 is Being Dealt With (3). The sections of this message are:

d) Being Met by God the First Time

e) Being Promised to by God the First Time

f) His Reaction

(1) Calling the Place the House of God

(2) Calling the Place the Gate of Heaven

(3) Making the Pillow-stone a Pillar and Anointing It

(4) Naming the Place “Bethel”

(5) Vowing


Message 70 is titled Being Dealt With (4) and covers:

5) God’s Sovereignty in Leading Jacob to Meet Rachel and Laban

6) Laban’s Cheating in Marrying His Two Daughters to Jacob

7) The Competition, Envy, and Wrestling between Jacob’s Wives in Bearing Children


Message 71 continues with Being Dealt With (5) and covers:

8) Laban’s Squeeze

9) Jacob’s Trick

10) God’s Blessing



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