Blending Conference with Ron Kangas in Cambridge, MA (November 2017)

Below are links to messages from a blending conference given by brother Ron Kangas in Cambridge, MA from November 3-5, 2017. In this conference brother Ron releases a particular, heavy, and intense burden that is for the entire recovery, regarding the one new man. Brother Ron is burdened that we would be brought on to experience and become the one new man in actuality and not merely in knowledge. The general subject of the conference is simply “The One New Man”. The audio and outline files are hosted by the Church in Cambridge (

Message 1 – The One New Man and God’s Eternal Purpose
Audio Outline

Message 2 – The One New Man and the Lord’s Recovery
Audio Outline (audio does not work until ~2:50)

Message 3 – The Constitution of the One New Man
Audio Outline

Message 4 – Taking Christ as our Person to Live the Life of the New Man
Audio Outline (audio does not work until ~0:50)

Afternoon Fellowship with Saints Age 50 and Over

4 thoughts on “Blending Conference with Ron Kangas in Cambridge, MA (November 2017)

  1. I have been quite busy and I didn’t have enough time to listen to these messages carefully. I had to listen to them little by little. It took me so long to finish hearing them all.
    Anyway, I feel so grateful that I could listen to them and touch the burden of brother Ron to an extent.
    Brothers and sisters, by the Lord’s mercy we are in the Lord’s recover where God carries out His economy according to the desire of His heart. God desperately needs our cooperation to fulfill His purpose and accomplish His new testament economy. These messages present us with what we need, what we focus on, and how we cooperate with God to fulfull His urgent need.
    Lord, cause the vision of the one new man to penetrate the heart of saints and reach their spirit so that under this vision we can actually live the one new man. Do what is best for the one new man through us, in us, and with us. Lord, we love You and we are here only for You and Your economy.

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