Fireside Chats with Co-workers by Uni Students

The serving ones with Uni Students in Europe have hosted and published a series of fireside chats in the format of Question & Response with various co-workers including brothers Tom Goetz, Chris Wilde, Ray Mulligan, Peter Welk, Ken Mooney and Ron Kangas, among others. The questions were all collected anonymously and chosen for their sincerity, general applicability, and particular relevance (including to current events). The responses from the co-workers are all based on the Word, backed by precious experiences, and full of tender feelings. Although the initial fireside chat was geared toward college students, subsequent fireside chats have covered a broad range of topics many of which we feel are directly applicable to saints in our generation. We find these fellowships to be both cherishing and nourishing and believe that they are a precious supply to the Body.

For ease of watching/listening, these chats have been segmented by question and timestamped with links to each segment. The timestamps below are all clickable and will link to that particular segment on YouTube. An audio-only version is also available by clicking “audio” after the title of each session. This list will be updated as new chats are posted, in reverse chronological order. We have highlighted below in bold some of the questions we find particularly relevant but encourage you to listen to as many as your situation allows.

Fireside Chat #17 (video)

Brothers Ray Mulligan, Peter Welk & Willie Wise sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 1 3:19 – I’m confused why the saints say that Christ is all we need or that Christ is the solution to every problem. Isn’t that a lie? As humans, we need a lot of things—health, food, etc. Is it incorrect when saints say Christ is all we need and that He is the solution to every problem? If you do believe that Christ is all we need and that He is the solution to every problem, can you provide an explanation or examples from your experience?

Question 2 – 34:43 – I’m confused because the saints often say to accept all our situations as from the Lord. However, shouldn’t we also be humanly responsible and deal with the situations? I’m confused with how to address situations humanly while also accepting them as from the Lord at the same time. I feel like if I’m being responsible and trying to fix a situation, then I’m not accepting it as from the Lord. But if we accept all difficult situations as from the Lord and don’t humanly deal with them, how can we live a proper and normal human life?

Question 3 1:22:52 – How do we practically deal with our love for the world?

Question 4 – 1:42:06 – I was reading through Ezekiel chapters 33 & 34. I am a young brother serving with the leading ones in my locality for almost a year. I feel very discouraged by reading these chapters because, although it is meant to encourage us by seeing that the Lord is our Shepherd and we are His sheep, I feel that I am one of the “shepherds of Israel” that the Lord is against due to my poor care to the saints, young ones, etc, even before the leading brothers called me to be with them to serve and pray. Does the Lord still love someone like me? I am very confused. I am putting the little hope that remains within me to know if the Lord still loves me in that condition. I would like to know what kind of Person He is to those like me that feel this way. If you could fellowship something along this line, I will be very grateful.

Question 5 – 2:01:13 – How do I live Christ and not become bitter toward people who have emotionally wounded me?

Fireside Chat #16 (video | audio)

Brothers Ray Mulligan, Peter Welk & Bob Henry sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 1 1:12 – According to the news, Trump started a historic peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. Is this related to the consummation of the age? How? Also,  I think some saints have said that someone who is Antichrist will make a deal between Israel and the Palestinians, and break it 3.5 years later. Is this that deal?

Question 2 – 23:11 – I recently experienced an increased appetite for the Lord; however, prior to this time I could describe my experience in the church life as sitting at a buffet with food passing by me, one amazing dish after another. They come so fast that I begin to stop eating and begin to just let it go by. I no longer value the food because I have not been able to digest anything and eventually it all becomes a blur. Some saints turn away from the food entirely and have no interest. What can I do to fight this problem? Although I have somewhat come out on the other side of this experience, I’m so afraid that it will happen again, so I don’t have any confidence in my ability to overcome this tendency. How do you stay freshly excited about the ministry?

Question 3 49:18 – Often, I’m too stressed, worried, and anxious to contact the Lord in the morning. Many difficult situations are in my life lately. I always feel like I should be doing more to address those situations. How can I stop myself and calm myself down to spend time with the Lord? How can I focus on the Lord, in spite of all life’s distractions and anxieties? 

Question 4 – 1:04:01 – How do you deal with lustful desires?  I have talked with my friends, and we all struggle with this on a daily basis and continually mess up with pornography.  Sometimes it seems uncontrollable. Nowadays you don’t need anyone to act on your lustful desires. How can I stop? Any advice or fellowship you have would be appreciated.

Question 5 1:26:37 – I find it hard to live Christ around my family. It’s much easier to live Christ during the meetings. It’s hard to live Christ around my family, especially when they do mean or inconsiderate things to me. How can we live Christ around those closest to us?

Question 6 – 1:46:08 – On the subject of marriage, sometimes people are extremely spiritual, even weirdly so. Other times, they can be just focused on looks, etc. I was wondering, what factors did you brothers think about when considering who you should marry, and what was your experience in meeting your spouses and deciding to marry them?

Fireside Chat #15 (video | audio)

Brothers Ray Mulligan, Reggie Favors & Ken Mooney sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 11:01 – I am very busy with my work schedule, and when I come home, my family needs attention. I just feel that I honestly don’t have a lot of time for getting into the truth. Can you share some practical ways that you’ve learned to contact the Lord and get into the truth with your busy life and while having a family?

Question 2 – 18:37 – Revelation 10:10 it says “And I took the little scroll out of the hand of the Angel and devoured it, and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth; and when I had eaten it, my stomach became bitter.” Can you expand on this sweet to bitter eating experience and what this means in our eating of the scroll?

Question 330:52 – There is so much suffering in the world today and much of it seems unnecessary. Why does God allow it? What, if anything, can we do about it? I know that we should preach the gospel, but I don’t know how what we have to say can be effective in such an environment. People think that they have either heard it all before or they are just willing to listen to you and acknowledge your viewpoint, but not let what you speak go any further than that.

Question 4 – 1:01:35 – Sometimes I am scared of dying, especially after hearing that someone I know passed away. What can I do? How can I overcome this fear? I feel like the enemy takes advantage of this and puts in me thoughts that I may die anytime. How can I withstand the enemy when this kind of scary thoughts come? How should I respond to his attacks?

Question 51:13:06 – Older brothers always tell us that we shouldn’t get married at a young age. I get why they say that but they always talk like that is a no-go. Is it really so bad to get married at age 20? I really need someone… My parents are divorced and therefore I don’t have a family. My family is completely ruined. Parents don’t feel and act like parents, and siblings don’t feel like siblings. I can’t describe how much I want a wife and family, someone to love and pursue the Lord with. I have fellowship with brothers and I always enjoy it, but I still don’t feel complete… Do I really have to wait until I am 30 to even consider marriage? It feels like an eternity…

Question 6 – 1:27:18 – I have often heard the brothers in the Fireside Chat say that the Lord spoke to them in such and such a way. However, when I take a walk with the Lord, I don’t feel that I heard the Lord’s speaking. In my experience, I had the Lord’s speaking when I did something wrong, for then I knew for sure that the Lord said No. But that does not happen all the time. I have heard it said that we need to ask the Lord about everything. For example, we need to ask the Lord what clothes I should wear that day. I tried to ask the Lord, but I don’t feel I have any answer so I just pick clothes that I want to wear. How do I discern if the sense inside is the sense of life and not my own feeling? How do I know it is the Lord’s speaking?

Question 71:47:32 – I have been serving for a few years now after graduating from the FTT. The longer I serve, the further away I feel with the Lord. Every morning, I don’t look forward to waking up, because I struggle with coming to the Lord, I struggle with contacting people, I struggle in my service. I feel like I’m stuck here. I know it is hard to serve the Lord in Europe, whether being single, married, or with a family, and everyday the enemy is wearing me down – in my mind and emotions. Many times I just want to give up and go back home, where things are “easier.” But every time I have this thought, I’m reminded of the consecration I made to the Lord to give myself to come and serve in Europe. Even though I prayed again and again regarding my situation, it seems like I just don’t get any answers from the Lord. Please help.

Fireside Chat #14 (video | audio)

(For more Rhema updates in English, Chinese & Spanish –

Brothers John Brooks and Andrew Gerges sit down and share with us about the Lord’s move in Russia, India, Egypt and the Middle East at our fireside chat.

Background1:40 The burden and inception of Rhema Literature Distributors – 4:42 Russia – 9:07

Question 158:45 – You were describing the period of prayer over the nine years during the ‘80s. I think you mentioned a lot of you were working with families. What factors would you attribute to that prayer being sustained over a period of nine years? India – 1:10:50 Egypt – 1:22:38

Question 2 – 1:47:56 – What kind of practical advice do you have for those who are coming from abroad to labor in a new country?

Question 31:56:16 – I have a hunch that you’ve been in a lot of dangerous situations. I think if I was a lot younger, I would’ve been all for it. I’m just wondering, when you have a wife and kids at home, I don’t really have that desire anymore. How did you manage to still do what you do and have that at home?

Question 4 – 2:07:58 – How many churches are in India and Russia right now?

Fireside Chat #13 (video | audio)

Brothers Tom Goetz, Ron Kangas & Chris Wilde sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 1 – 1:21 – As I go on with the Lord, I see more and more how my natural man is only fit for death and burial. It feels like He only made me in order to replace me with Christ. Which to me sounds like He only loves Christ, and not me. So, what is the Lord referring to, when He tells me He loves me?

Question 2 –13:12 – Hebrews 12 talks about Esau despising his birthright, and there being no place for repentance for it. Could someone who is pursuing the Lord and His kingdom now in a sense be doing so in vain, based on what happened in their past?

Question 329:55 – We know that it is only when the Lord returns that there will truly be righteousness and justice and peace established on the earth. Still, it is troubling to see governmental authorities perpetuate unrighteousness, sometimes toward whole groups of people. How should a believer conduct himself or herself in an environment of unrighteousness? How do you conduct yourself righteously toward people in authority who conduct themselves unrighteously?

Question 4 – 47:03 – I have heard brothers talk about how we can pray for someone and give ground to the enemy in our prayers for further attack on that saint. Could you please elaborate for us and explain to us how this can happen and also how we should pray for one another without doing such a thing.

Question 5 – 54:31 – I have often heard saints say that we are “taking the ground” in a city and this somewhat confuses me. Saints have been meeting there in the past but have not been having a table meeting. Can you please explain to us what actually happens and changes in the spiritual realm when we have one of these “ground-taking” meetings? Is there any scriptural basis for this type of a meeting?

Question 6 – 1:08:27 – Brother Ron, we have heard in your testimony that you came into the church in San Francisco and didn’t care what the ethnicity of the saints there were, as long as it was the church. I believe the point you are trying to make is that we should seek what the Lord wants and not our preference. Could you clarify for us what our attitude should be in light of Matthew 24:14? In order to bring the Lord back, doesn’t he need the ethnos of that nation and city to have the testimony He desires?

Question 71:21:51 – I am a 35-year-old single sister in the church life and have a strong desire to be married. Are brothers always the ones who should approach leading brothers? Is it inappropriate for sisters to do so?

Question 81:30:03 – I’m a young married sister with a baby. I work part time and my husband works full time. I would say that from the beginning of our marriage we have practically been absolute for the church life, attending any and every meeting or conference that we can. The last few months in these restrictions, I have felt so restful. I realize now that the church life, the way we were living it, was very hard on me and on our family life. Extra meetings and weekend gatherings that would be announced became something to dread because we were already tired, and I feel we did so much out of a sense of obligation rather than with joy. I thought this was just me, but I was talking with another sister I look up to and she has the same experience. Part of me dreads returning to ‘normal’ in terms of the church life. How can we practically (when the restrictions are lifted) live a day to day church life without falling into religion and doing so many things out of a feeling of obligation or responsibility? How do we keep from getting burned out? And if the church life becomes this way again, does it really produce life?

Question 91:48:04 – A lot has happened over the past 5 months. A lot has changed. Regardless of status, whether single, married, with young kids, or older kids, this new environment has been challenging. There are many pressures we have either never experienced before or as intensely as before. At the same time, it seems that the Lord’s return may not be far off. We know from the word that as the Lord’s return draws near, the enemy’s wearing out tactics will increase, lawlessness will be multiplied, and the love of many believers will grow cold. That was theoretical to me until this pandemic and the resulting lockdown. I can see now and have experienced to some extent that it is all too possible for this to happen. I don’t want it to happen, but the environment we find ourselves in makes me wonder how my spouse and I can avoid it. How can we, particularly those of us living in Europe and the Middle East, in the part of the world that will be the geographic center of Antichrist’s activity, respond to the enemy’s attack and actually become the people the Lord needs to bring Him back?

Fireside Chat #12 (video | audio)

Brothers Scott Finnie, Bob Henry, Peter Welk and Jim Guest sit down and have a small reunion on our fireside chat. They share with us about their experiences meeting one another in high school and at university and how they helped each other in touching the Lord, becoming lifelong companions.

Question 1 – 1:00 – Introduction to the brothers’ Gonzaga testimony

Question 2 – 1:14:55 – After Rick knocked on your door, what was your impression when you started to go and meet with the brothers and sisters? Did you find that it was different from what you had seen before?

Question 31:22:28 – Can you explain how the whole basketball team got saved?

Question 4 – 1:36:55 – Was there a truth for you personally that really hit home and captured you?

Question 51:55:33 – I’m interested to hear what your reaction would be in speaking to someone in an environment where you are one of just a handful of believers there?

Question 6 – 2:12:14 – What if I’m in a situation where I just don’t feel anyone else is burdened to preach the gospel? In your experience, if you’re burdened for something, what practical advice do you have to get other people burdened for what you’re burdened for?

Fireside Chat #11 [Mental Health] (video | audio)

Brothers Rick Scatterday, Ray Mulligan, Mark Ruthe, and Alexander Tan sit down and share with us about mental health at our fireside chat.

Question 13:38 – I have heard brothers say that we need to get professional help regarding counseling for mental health. My concern is that I don’t want to get help from someone who doesn’t know anything about the spirit, or is maybe not a believer at all. Can you share a little on this line, not only on how I should go about getting help, but also the proper or best way to do it?

Question 2 – 40:05 – How do you see the present environment with the lockdown and social unrest affecting the mental health of our generation?

Question 31:04:13 – I have met some students while serving fulltime that have little or no self esteem and might even suffer from depression. This could be based on their upbringing or something else, but their humanity just seems broken. I also see that the ministry that we have seems to emphasize this desire to humble you and break down what has hopefully already been built up humanly. How do I help someone that is already broken and seems in need to be built up before the Lord can begin His work?

Question 41:30:22 – What kind of fellowship would you give to someone who is suffering in an environment of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, psychological)?

Question 51:50:06 – What happens to a believer if he or she commits suicide? And how and what would you say to someone who is considering taking their own life?

Follow-up to Question 5 – 2:05:46 – To what extent do you see substance abuse (drugs or alcohol) being a factor in suicidal tendencies?

Question 62:27:59 – I am seriously considering to focus on either psychology or psychiatry in my medical studies, given the prevalence of mental health issues in our society today. What is your feeling about pursuing such a career?

Fireside Chat #10 (Part 2 of 2) (video | audio)

Brothers Scott Finnie, Ray Mulligan and Peter Welk sit down and share with us about the current world situation and their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat. This is a continuation from the previous weeks fellowship.

Question 101:58 – I am a black sister and I have grown up in the church life. I am currently 24 now and I have the desire to be married, although I am in no rush. However, I am often discouraged regarding this matter of marriage because I have always had the feeling that there is a slim possibility of me getting married to a brother in the church life because I am black. I have had various interactions with saints over the years, and they have expressed a racial preference and it was never their preference to marry someone black. How do I deal with this discouraging feeling, and is this a realistic thought that I’m having?

Question 221:00 – After having many conversations this week with people who tuned in last week to the Fireside chat, it seems that for some of us, any response having any spiritual content or solution they think it is sidestepping the issue, avoiding the issue or even using it as an excuse to not address it. It seems that a lot of people want to know practically what they can do instead of just hearing a spiritual response. Could you help us with this?

Question 31:32:28 – In a multicultural work environment where race can sometimes be an issue, how did you brothers manage to keep your enjoyment in the Lord? I work in such an environment and sometimes I feel like I am not treated as equally as others. When I’m not enjoying the Lord, such negative experiences at work, which I think are related to my nationality/race, really annoys me and causes me to turn to the self rather than the Lord.

Question 41:42:07 – How do you receive fellowship or even speaking during a meeting from someone that you feel has different political views?

Fireside Chat #9 (Part 1 of 2) (video | audio)

Brothers Scott Finnie, Willie Wise, Chris Wilde & Brandon Hendricks sit down and share with us about the current world situation and their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Intro and testimonies of brothers Willie Wise, Chris Wilde, Scott Finnie, and Brandon Hendricks – 00:00

Question 141:50 – What should my response be toward the current protests going on around the world due to the death of George Floyd? I’m so angry about what happened to him and what has happened to so many others. Is it okay to participate in these protests?

Question 21:31:30 – How do you deal with racially insensitive and even hurtful comments from brothers and sisters, whether in person or on social media?

Question 32:00:13 – When I see brothers and sisters involved in political protests or making overt political statements in support of various political agendas or politicians, why does that bother me so much?

Question 4 – 2:17:06 How can we be saved from remaining lukewarm? I recently read and was helped by the book “The Law of Revival.” I feel like I’ve been lukewarm and a little indifferent about the meetings lately, and a lot of times I don’t want to be there in the meetings (prayer meetings, group meetings, Lord’s Day meeting, etc.). I’m a husband and a father, and I know I need to be taking the lead in pursuing the Lord. But I don’t have much desire to do so. What can I do?

Fireside Chat #8 (video | audio)

Brothers Tom Goetz, Bob Henry & Philip Bradley sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 10:00:17 – In Luke 15, you have the prodigal son who leaves the father and the older brother who stays. Many times, I feel like the older brother. I see the brothers and sisters focusing on those who have left and the new ones who are coming in. However, there seems to be an implicit assumption that people like me who haven’t left and are still around have no problems and require no care. I don’t want to feel sorry for myself, but sometimes I wonder if it would be better for me to leave the church life so that they would take notice of me.

Question 2 – 21:30 – In the Bible, we see the shifting of the birthright on several occasions. In one example, Reuben lost his birthright to Joseph because of his defilement. I am thankful that nothing can change our salvation and that we are cleansed from all our sins through the blood of Jesus. But what if I have been defiled by fornication in the past? Have I lost my birthright? Will I no longer be able to be an overcomer and inherit the millennial kingdom because of the sin of fornication? How do we know if we have lost our birthright?

Question 344:50 – Recently, a very close companion of mine was courting a brother. While she was courting him, he was sending me messages that I would not have liked if he was courting me (they were in my eyes “flirty”). I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t want to cause trouble, so I never told her and just really prayed consistently for her and this brother as I was very worried. I also prayed with someone I trusted without revealing the full situation. They ended up breaking up and I was extremely relieved. Was this normal? Should I have told her?

Question 41:01:40 – How do you care for someone who has been repeatedly burned in the church life and by their parents, who are in the church life but are now lukewarm? We are close, and we live together.

Question 5 – 1:18:17 – It’s hard for me to go on with the Lord because I don’t love Him enough. We love because He loved us first, but I don’t see it, and I don’t appreciate Him enough. I want to love Him, and I pray for it, but it doesn’t really happen. What should I do? How do I love Him more, and how do I see that He loves me?

Question 6 – 1:30:45 – How can I bring my boyfriend, who is not a believer, into the church?

Question 7 – 1:44:41 – I am a church kid and I don’t feel like I can bring my friends to any of the meetings because it’s weird. What should I do?

Question 81:59:17 – We say that we don’t have a name, but we refer to ourselves as “the Lord’s recovery.” I know this is not our name, but the way we use it often gives that impression. For example, when someone stops meeting with us, we say they “left the recovery.” Isn’t the Lord’s recovery an inward matter, or something that goes beyond the way we meet on the ground of oneness? Could someone address this matter and clarify if this is a common mistake on our use of the term “the Lord’s recovery,” or if I need to see this from a different perspective?

Question 9 – 2:11:02 – What is the difference between the experience of Christ and the enjoyment of Christ? I sometimes find that people use both terms indistinguishably and it confuses me. Is one before the other?

Fireside Chat #7 (video | audio)

Brothers Ken Mooney, Mark Ruthe & Ray Mulligan sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 12:45 – I have heard many saints say and prophesy in the meetings about how hard marriage is and rarely hear anyone speak positively about it. I have also heard many brothers joke about their wives in public. Hearing all this is making me think that I’m about to enter into a prison or the worst experience of my life, and that having a wife is like coming to a dictator at home that will punish and ground you if you don’t listen. Can you give me a proper and accurate picture of marriage and describe how it positively affected your life?

Question 2 – 18:29 – What is fruit bearing? I have really given myself to the Lord to bear fruit, but I’ve never had anyone receive the Lord through what I have said. I’ve given out many tracts, so maybe someone has been saved by that. Is shepherding fruit-bearing? Helping ones who’ve received the Lord to grow? How do I bear healthy fruit for the Lord?

Question 3 – 34:33 – There is a brother in my locality whom I sense, in the Lord, is very ambitious and desires to be seen in every area that he functions. It troubles me because it seems like the responsible brothers/elders 1) don’t notice it 2) seem to praise him or are happy that he is functioning 3) give him more responsibility such as opening messages of the prophesying meeting. It becomes a distraction in the meetings because it is very ugly to see. How would you address this matter of ambition in the brothers in the church life where sometimes it can cause more damage than good?

Question 445:41 – I want to be sanctified for the Lord, but I can only read so much Bible and pray so much in a day. I am often tired and would lay on my bed with my devices, and although the internet is worldly and defiling, I don’t know where else to turn to. Do you have any advice on what I can do for entertainment when I have no spiritual appetite left? It is particularly hard at night when I don’t feel like doing anything else.

Question 5 – 1:02:47 – I know that I am a very outward person, and it is extremely hard for me to calm my being down and really turn to appear before the Lord. I read in the ministry that to enjoy God in prayer, we also need to be silent and behold His beauty, even live according to the index of His eyes. I feel that I am so short of these experiences and am too wild, reckless, and distracted. How can I learn to spend time with the Lord in such an intimate way?

Question 61:17:17 Why do some church kids, who grow up in the church life together with us, end up leaving the church life? After they had gone to the Poland conferences, heard such high messages, consecrated themselves, and had these experiences of prayer, etc., why did they end up leaving? Why does the Lord let this happen?

Question 7 – 1:35:46 – Could you please provide some fellowship about miracles, signs, wonders, miraculous healings or the speaking in tongues and other things related to it? It seems like the Gospels and the Lord’s walking on the earth were full of performing these things, yet we don’t see them that much today. How do these things relate to God’s economy today?

Question 8 – 1:45:22 – I do not wear a head covering when I prophesy or pray. Does this make me an improper sister? I have had many conversations with the Lord concerning this, even in tears. I don’t understand why some sisters feel strong about this. It makes me uncomfortable.

Question 91:54:02 – God gives man a desire to have children. But my husband and I don’t have children after being married for many years. Now I am passing the age of having children. Outwardly it seems that I am fine, but inwardly I still feel the lack in my human life. Can brothers share some comforting words to those who have unfulfilled desires according to your human experiences?

Fireside Chat #6 (video | audio)

Brothers Paul Cooke , Chris Wilde & Bob Henry sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 1 – 2:05 – How do I share the gospel to someone that says all gods are the same? To them, even the God we believe in is just the same as the gods that they believed in.

Question 2 – 13:30 – How do I explain to my friend that just being a good person isn’t enough? Why does she have to be a Christian, and why can’t she just live her whole life doing good deeds as an atheist?

Question 326:34 – How do you respond in work environments when everyone around you is talking about sinful things? How do you avoid being judgmental? How can you be relatable and approachable?

Question 445:16 – Many times, especially in these times we currently are in, I feel like praying for my personal needs/ feelings/ circumstances is not the prayer that the Lord needs, so I end up never praying about the things concerning me. (I feel really selfish when I do). But at the same time, we hear again and again the brothers encouraging us to converse with the Lord and to tell Him about everything. I know He cares for me, but how do these prayers actually meet His needs and help Him accomplish what He is after? Can you offer any fellowship about praying for personal matters and needs as opposed to praying for God’s need? I also feel like prayers for God’s need are really high prayers and I feel extremely short to pray such prayers. I have the sense that much authority is needed for such prayers, which I definitely lack. How can I pray such high prayers to cooperate with the Lord when I lack so much?

Question 5 – 1:01:35 – How do you go through a situation where you and many other people are praying for something, or for someone, but the prayers are not answered? Sometimes, it seems like the Lord is silent, or He doesn’t answer the prayer in the way we are asking Him to answer. How do you deal with that?

Question 61:11:22 – Can you speak on relationships with someone of the opposite gender? I am courting a brother who has several close female friends that he talks with frequently over the phone–he used to have feelings for one of his female friends and pursued her in the past. I don’t feel at peace with this, but he says I’m being too spiritual. Am I being too spiritual or legal? I really am confused about this.

Question 7 – 1:20:35 – The brother I am courting wants to be more sexual and says he can’t go on without this–I don’t feel right about this, but I also don’t want to make him upset.

Question 8 – 1:35:25 – Can you provide fellowship about addictions? How do you overcome them?

Question 9 – 1:44:50 (Follow up to question 8) – In messages, we hear that the flesh never goes away. In struggles that we have, should we as believers actually think that we are going to overcome this thing, and that it will go away permanently? Or are there certain things that don’t go away, and it’s something you have to flee from?

Question 101:50:40 – I have heard it said that sufferings cause us to grow and mature in the divine life. Has this been your experience? Can you give us some examples from your life?

Question 11 – 2:06:10 – How can those of us who are in the church life in Africa participate in the Lord’s up-to-date move on the earth? There is a lot of fellowship in the ministry about the direction of the Lord’s move being towards Europe and the Middle East. What part can Africa play in that?

Fireside Chat #5 (video | audio)

Brothers Ken Mooney, Mark Ruthe & Ray Mulligan sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 1 – 2:31 The brothers often emphasize that we need to thoroughly clear the past. There are some things in my past, such as certain sins, that I feel I cannot deal with. If I do not deal thoroughly with my past, does that mean that I’ll never be an overcomer?

Question 215:36 Sometimes, when I wake up, I get distracted and waste time, and it’s hard for me to have a time with the Lord and/or read the Bible. Any suggestions on how to discipline myself to do these things in the early morning? Also, sometimes I feel really discouraged when I need to miss a message (like the dive session). I also tend to feel discouragement and condemnation when (pre-Coronavirus) circumstances sometimes prevent me from going to the meetings, shepherding others, or going to conferences. How do we recognize God’s sovereignty when sometimes our circumstances appear adverse to God’s will for our lives, such as when they prevent us from doing spiritual things?

Question 327:57 Can you provide words of fellowship about financial anxieties? I grew up in a family that struggled a lot affording basic necessities, and I think that has resulted in me being anxious about money as a young adult. I’ve recently had some emergencies, a car accident, and expensive healthcare bills. I’ve had to pay for things with a credit card, and now I’m very anxious about my bills. How can I enjoy the Lord when I’m so anxious about finances? It seems like I might need to file bankruptcy, yet I feel a lot of condemnation about that. Can you provide fellowship related to finances and bankruptcy? Part of me feels like filing bankruptcy is not a Christian thing to do and that as a Christian, I need to pay all my bills. But they are also beyond what I can afford.

Question 439:49 Can you provide any fellowship on giving money to the Lord while one is under financial strain?

Question 543:42 As a recent graduate, I have been very stressed with my job search. It is very hard to get hired. It’s stressful and scary, having filled out so many applications for months without getting hired. Do you have any comforting words of fellowship?

Question 6 – 54:01 I’m naturally very shy, and it’s hard for me to reach out to people, including the saints. But I want to get built up and connected. How can I reach out to them as a shy person? I’m an introvert. How do introverts last in the church life? It’s hard for me to be social and to spend much time being social.

Question 7 – 1:04:40 Due to some surgeries that didn’t go as planned, I have a lot of chronic pain. How do you enjoy the Lord when you’re physically in much pain? Also, how do you enjoy the Lord when you are in a lot of emotional pain?

Question 8 – 1:23:21 How do we spread the gospel to someone we care about but who is not open? How can my gospel preaching be effective? I have preached the gospel to several friends but they haven’t come to the church life because I don’t know how to shepherd them properly. How can I learn to shepherd new ones? How can I explain to my unbeliever friend that we need to not only be good and nice, but also to seek Lord?

Fireside Chat #4 (video | audio)

Brothers Chris Wilde, Rick Acosta & Tom Goetz sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 12:15 – Brother Chris, please share with us how you and your wife met.

Question 229:06 – “Many millennials resent church because their parents were good at church but not good at life. They struggle attending a place that consumed their parents’ time but never transformed their private life.” I saw this on twitter and could relate so much. How do you deal with this?

Question 3 – 48:51 – Many of us have a background involving fornication and/or minds poisoned with pornography. How can we be healed from our skewed views and past full of baggage when approaching relationships and marriage in the church? Do we wait until our minds and hearts are healed in this area before pursuing such a relationship?

Question 41:03:55 – Are casual dates prior to an official “courtship” to get to know someone appropriate? Can I just ask a sister out for coffee before asking saints what they think about it? I don’t want to get others involved and start drama unnecessarily.

Question 51:18:24 – When I was living in the world, all my friends’ parents were divorced, and it seemed impossible to find the right person. When I became a Christian, it seemed as though the pool of people became even smaller. Then I came into the Lord’s recovery, and that pool seemed to be even smaller. Now the brothers are telling us that we need to marry someone with the same vision. After the training (Bible school), it feels even smaller. It seems that the more steps I take in life, the harder it becomes to find someone. Are my concepts right because I don’t feel like I can find anyone that matches me?

Question 6 – 1:27:10 – I am new to the church and I am in a smaller locality here in Europe. I look around and I don’t see many options for people my age. I’m not sure what I should do and how I should go about finding a wife.

Question 71:39:10 – Sometimes, I really struggle with being single. I’m a single young adult sister that has been working after graduating college a couple years ago, and sometimes I feel like it’s impossible for me to be happy unless I’m married and have kids. Any suggestions on how my soul can cope as a single sister?

Question 81:49:01 – When my wife and I were courting, we tried to be open to some older brothers and sisters for fellowship. However, we ended up receiving lots of unhelpful opinions from people we really respected. We are now married, and that is behind us. What would you suggest to a couple involved in a courtship on how to avoid such an experience?

Question 91:59:56 – I am a brother that wants to bear fruit, serve the Lord, and open my home, but my wife restricts so much of what we can do in the church life. It’s killing me and I am becoming bitter. What can I do to take care of her and also the Lord’s interests?

Fireside Chat #3 (video | audio)

Brothers Ken Mooney, Mark Ruthe & Ray Mulligan sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question Disclaimer – 0:52 Sometimes we will read the question just as it has been submitted, and other times we will adjust the question in order to more broadly address the topic in that question.

Question 1 – 2:31 – Sometimes I really feel like I am enjoying the Lord, but then I lose that feeling. I then get introspective and try to figure out what is wrong. If I lost the Lord’s speaking, what should I do?

Question 2 – 21:54 – I feel constantly judged by other Christians regarding my lifestyle. Whenever this happens, I seem to completely lose all my enjoyment of the Lord. How can I be saved from this outward judgement by other believers? How can I continue enjoying the Lord in this experience?

Question 3 – 38:05 – I live in a city without other saints there. My family is not interested in the church life and are even opposed to it. My contact to other saints are limited. What might the Lord be trying to speak to me in this environment?

Question 4 – 51:55 – My father is always yelling at me. He is always telling me very bad things. He yells at my mom and brother too. He drinks a lot of alcohol. My face and my heart are crying because of it. After that I am sad and anxious, and I have dead thoughts. What should I do in this kind of situation? What kind of prayers should I pray?

Question 51:07:39 – How should we interact with our Christian friends that meet in other groups and that might have different views, but nevertheless love the Lord? Should I try to bring them into my group?

Question 61:27:41 – How could we gain someone to whom our testimony has been damaged due to our past life?

Question 71:41:49 – Brother Ray, please give us your testimony on how you met your wife.

Fireside Chat #2 (video | audio)

Brothers Chris Wilde, Peter Welk & Tom Goetz sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 1 – 3:54 – What can I do when my heart is really busy most of the time, and I get distracted? I feel like I’m doing a lot of things for the Lord, but I’m actually missing the Lord. There’s a lot of necessary things I need to do; at the same time, I read my Bible and spend time with the Lord. But a lot of times, I feel like it’s a chore, and I’m missing the Lord.

Question 2 – 35:17 – In Philippians 4:7, Paul talks about the peace of God. In John 14:27, the Lord refers to the peace of the world. In my experience, sometimes I have peace about something, but I haven’t really prayed about it that much. Is that real peace? How can we discern between the Lord’s peace and a natural peace, or a peace that the world gives us?

Question 346:38 – Where is the balance between forbearance and extreme suffering? At what point should we try to remove ourselves from a situation? Where is the line between the two?

Question 458:22 – Matthew 5:48 says, “You shall be perfect as Your heavenly Father is perfect.” Other passages in the Bible and in the ministry also have imperatives. In light of my history of failures, even though I want to do it and decide to do it, I can’t do it. I don’t know how I can meet the standard.

Question 51:17:54 – How do we deal with comparing ourselves to others? How do I find identity in Christ and let that be enough?

Question 6 – 1:36:25 – How real is God’s work of transformation? How can it be that someone who has been a believer for a long time can do really bad, or even terrible, things? They might not even be aware of what they’ve done. How can you become useful to the Lord instead of being a problem?

Question 7 – 2:05:31 – Is it negative and unspiritual to laugh and have fun with our friends?

Fireside Chat #1 (2020 European University Conference)

(video | audio)

Brothers Chris Wilde, Ken Mooney, Peter Welk, Ray Mulligan & Don Pullen sit down and share with us about their experiences of Christ at our fireside chat.

Question 19:11 – How do we respond to the present pandemic (COVID-19)? How is it related to the Lord’s return and our preaching of the gospel? How do we deal with anxiety during this time?

Question 242:05 – How do we deal with obstacles that might prevent us from being ready for the Lord’s return? What experiences do you have in dealing with obstacles and in developing a healthy, romantic relationship with the Lord?

Question 31:10:36 – When the Lord allows things to happen to me, oftentimes my heart is hurt and my soul has gone through trauma. What should I do when I am bitter and angry to the Lord when I come to Him? On His side, He might really want to love me, but I might not feel the same way back. How do we change that part of the relationship?

Question 4 – 1:47:03 – How can students who are perhaps isolated go on with the Lord after a conference?

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to all the brothers who are making these videos. In these times they feed me so much. It is wonderful to see the brothers in a fireside context where there’s no outline. On one hand the enemy has really been attacking and on the other hand the Lord is moving more than ever before. Lord Jesus gain us in these days!

  2. I have been enjoying these fireside chats thoroughly! When will the next one (#16) be released? We are eagerly awaiting the next one!

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