Fellowship on Reading the Life-studies (Minoru Chen)

Posted here is a series of four talks by Brother Minoru Chen on the matter of getting into the Life-studies. This fellowship is based on four outlines, the titles of which are listed below. All four outlines of this series can be downloaded here.

First session – Being Constituted with the Truth for the Church to be the Pillar and Base of the Truth with All the Saints Being Responsible to Uphold the Truth

Second session – Coming to the Full Knowledge of the Truth by Studying the Truth with the Life-studies to be Equipped to Teach the Truth to Others

Third session – Promoting the Life-studies to Raise the Standard of the Church Life and Bring in a Genuine Revival

Fourth session – Using the Life-studies to Touch Life in the Bible, to Grow in Life, Bear Fruit, and Feed the Lord’s Lambs

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For more on the burden of getting into the Life-studies, please visit https://500lifestudies.org.

May the Lord gain many Ezras for the reconstitution of His people!

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