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Being Vitalized (6)
The Danger of Drifting Pt. 1

Being Vitalized for a Normal Christian Life and Service. In the Bible there are three kinds of living: the living that was in Egypt before salvation, the living in the wilderness after salvation, and the living in the good land as the goal of our salvation. In this first of three episodes taken from fellowship given by brother Andrew Yu in 2008, our brother was burdened that we, as the real Hebrews or river crossers, would not get stuck wandering in the wilderness but would enter into the good land, signifying a new kind of living, a vital living.

The accompanying reading material used in this meeting is Brother Watchman Nee’s message entitled Leaking and Drifting” from The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, Volume 21. This is episode 6 of 9 in the series on “Being Vitalized for a Normal Christian Life and Service”. Original message recording and reading material can be accessed on our website here.

Being Vitalized (5)
Companion Prayer

“Nothing is real to you until you bring it to prayer. Everything you hear is inspiration. Until you pray, it’s not yours.” In this fellowship from 2008, brother Andrew Yu challenges us to all find a vital companion in the new year and get together with them weekly to pray. “If two or three see this revelation, touch the power of Christ’s resurrection, and pray in one accord, they will shake the ends of the earth—Matt. 18:18-20; Acts 1:14; 4:23-33” (Crystallization-Study Outlines—Acts, Chapter 1, Section 1). This is episode 5 of 9 in this series.

Original message can be found here.

Special New Year Fellowship

In this special new year fellowship, brother Minoru Chen shares with us his personal experience and practice of spending a longer period of time with the Lord at the beginning of each new year. During such a time with the Lord, our brother encourages us to practice 6 things: recall, rehearse, reflect, repent, renew, and reset. He also encourages us to gather our family together for a dedicated time in the Lord’s presence and reaffirm that our household is for the Lord.

May the Lord gain our fresh consecration as we start this year and begin a new chapter with Him. “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” – James 4:8a

Video link can be found here

Being Vitalized (4)
Redeeming the Time

As believers, we need to realize the importance of the period of time between our 20’s and 40’s in determining our usefulness to the Lord. In this fellowship from 2007, brother Gerald Chan shares his burden for those of us going through this stage of life to redeem the time so that there could be a progressive manifestation of our function in the Body of Christ. This is episode 4 of 9 in this series.

Original message can be found here.

Being Vitalized (3)
Seven Points of Vital Living (Part 2)

“There should not be a condemnation of where they are, but an aspiration of where they want to be!” In this episode, brother Andrew Yu continues his fellowship on “7 Points of Vital Living,” and how we must practice to have an exercised, vital living. This is episode 3 of 9. Original message and speaking notes are available here.

Being Vitalized (2)
Seven Points of Vital Living (Part 1)

What is it to have a vital living? In this fellowship, brother Andrew Yu shares “7 Points of Vital Living”: (1) Schedule for living (2) Morning revival (3) Pursuit of the truth (4) Companion prayer (5) Contacting people (6) Church meetings, and (7) Sanctified finances. This is episode 2 of 9.Original message and speaking notes are available here.

Being Vitalized (1)
Having a Normal Life and Service

As Christians, how should we live our lives today? “A Normal Life and Service” is the subject of the concluding chapter of Messages Given to the Working Saints (Witness Lee). In this episode, taken from a fellowship in 2007, brother Andrew Yu draws on that message and shares his burden for the next generation of working saints to have a consecrated living and service. This is episode 1 of 9. Original message and speaking notes are available here.

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In 1988, brother Witness Lee released messages which were later published in the book Messages Given to the Working Saints. This burden was revisited by the co-workers of brother Lee starting in 2007, encouraging the working saints to live and function as what brother Lee called the “backbone” of the church. One of the very first lines of fellowship released at that time focused on 7 practical steps to have a vital living according to the God ordained way. This fellowship will be encapsulated in this first series of podcasts, Being Vitalized for a Normal Christian Life and Service. We hope you will subscribe and follow along, that together we would be strengthened and equipped to live to the Lord. The Living to Him Podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast, as well as here on this dedicated page on