A Song of Consecration to Practice

Submitted by: R.G.F.

A Song of Consecration (To Hymn #395)

To Practice the Seven in Seven Vital Exercises

Dear Lord a scheduled living I’d practice;
Reserving my time for You.
Revived each morning, gathering manna,
Confessing to You, renewed.
Pursuing the truth; Your revelation,
Your con-sti-tu-tion affording.
Prayer with You, a fixed time apportioned,
For Your interest and Your move.

Praying the seven items, we’d offer
Companions and ‘self anew.
The church and saints each time we would mention
And new ones we’d bring to You.
Oh Lord Your re-cov-er-y prevail!
Your ministers of the word, Lord:
Guard them and keep them within the veil.
Their health and their hearts renew.

On-time attending regular meetings,
‘Give food at the proper time’;
The stewardship fulfilling Your purpose,
Pursuing with all to dine.
The new ones we’d contact, bringing to You
The wood to build up Your dwelling.
Fin’lly we’d sanctify all our finances;
Your increase we’d ensue!


The Seven In Seven Vital Exercises
A Scheduled Living
Revived Each Morning
Pursing the Truth
Prayer at a Fixed Time: Seven Items of Prayer;
Attending Regular Meetings
Contact People
Sanctify Our Finances

Prayer at a Fixed Time: Seven Items
Ourselves, Companions, New Ones,
The Church, The Saints, The Lord’s Recovery,
The Ministry with its Ministers

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