Vital Companions

Submitted by: J.K. (Irvine, CA)

What I am today is altogether due to the Lord’s merciful arrangement in giving me a vital companion to pursue Him and mutually share each other’s burdens with. Having been born into His recovery, I’ve been privileged to be under the Lord’s up-to-date speaking and ministry for my entire life, but, to be sure, privilege does not always result in growth in life. That was my experience for nearly 23 years. Then, by the Lord’s sovereignty, He brought me to a brother. Through our spiritual pursuit, mutual encouragement, organic prayers, and even personal care for one another, I can testify that having a vital companion has revolutionized my entire Christian living and given me a vision with which to govern the rest of my life with. Now I could never go back to my individual, meeting-by-meeting pursuit. Praise the Lord for the twos or threes!

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