Submitted by: E.C.G. (Atlanta, GA)

To be a part of the Lord’s recovery is a mercy. I was caught off the campus after seeking the Lord, desiring to come out of religion. The process of learning to excercise my spirit to touch the Lord has been slow, but very much real and profitable in the growth in life. However, after recently graduating from college, I experienced a sense of limbo after receiving so much care, sheperding and nurturing from the full timers and saints committed to the college work. Now working, and relatively young in the practice of the God ordained way, I have felt anxious in working, especially since I chose to pursue a job instead of trusting the Lord to take care of my needs and go to be trained. I must say, though, that I made this decision without a clear vision of the body. Since then, the Lord has been gracious to provide fellowship, especially with vital companions, on the need to fellowship in the body. Again the Lord is merciful! Praise the Lord there is a way to go on, and for the speaking and burden that has been shared. I have faith that I can be useful to the Lord and live to Him as a working saint.

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