Vital Living

Submitted by: Christy (Philippines)

Vital living for me is only during trainings held in our cluster localities. After this, back again to unorganized schedule like rising up early to prepare for work, going home late, then go to sleep. Reading my morning revival is only during my travel time in my way to work and that is only pure reading no such higher enjoyment of the WORD. Then I resigned and the LORD gave me the opportunity to go abroad and look for job. I prayed that the LORD will give me spiritual companion. THank the LORD that HE answered my prayer! During my stay there, I really enjoyed my church life. Having a companion made me vitalized. I have been attending to all the church meetings during weekdays and also weekends. Then last September, I was given the opportunity to stay at the sister’s house. THere, I experienced this vital living – having corporate morning revival every 7am and corporate prayer by 10pm. Such living really brought me to the throne! Drinking the river of water of life daily! Now I’m back here in the Philippines, and praying that He will still grant me a spiritual companion, and even vital living. I am also encouraging the young people in the locality to have such living. Praise the LORD! that last Saturday, Bro Andrew Yu released the burden to all the young people and young working saints here in the Philippines concerning vital living and CONSECRATION. The more I consecrate myself, the more this vital living a reality to me! Hallelujah!

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