Properly Appreciating and Exalting Christ

Submitted by: A. Ramos (Tampa, FL)

The temple, God’s house, was desolated to such an extent that it was burned (Ps. 74:7-8), and the city surrounding it was ruined (2 Chron. 36:19). The intrinsic reason for the desolation was that Christ was not exalted by God’s people; they did not give Him the preeminence, the first place, in everything (Jer. 2:13; cf. Col. 1:18; Rev. 2:4 and note 2). The problem of desolation is solved by Christ being properly appreciated and exalted by God’s people (see note 17_1 in Psa. 80). The enjoyment of God in the house and the city of God can be maintained and preserved ONLY when Christ is properly appreciated and exalted by God’s people.

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