Taking Christ as my Person in my daily life

Submitted by: Esther Marchand (Jacksonville, FL)

Before listening to these messages to young adults, I found myself floundering. I did not know where I fit in the church life as a 25 year old college sister. In my locality, the college-age are young and the ones my age are married with children. Also, in the program of study that I am in, is very intense and to my shame have had to retake a few classes, which have set my graduation date back a few years. This is another huge frustration to me because of my great desire to go to the full-time training. After listening to the young adult fellowship, I have been strengthened and have found many in my same situation. I began to consistantly have a time in the morning to touch my lovely Bridegroom. Also, I began to pray for a compaign and my campus. The following semester the Lord gave me a siser to pray with on campus. Together we began to pray for one another and our campus, which started the ball rolling on our university: other college-age came, started a club on campus, and some middle-age saints have been stirred up to help coordinate with us. In this way, the Lord brought myself and the other college-age into function. Although, my school situation has not been resolved, the all-inclusive life giving Spirit has been my supply. I realize that the Lord needs vessels that are willing to pray and cooperate with Him. May we all stay in the fellowship of the Body.

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