Dear Lord, take us on…

Submitted by: Bridget Omosola (Atlanta, GA)

As a young working sister, I have been really impressed with how much the Lord can do by our grouping together in the twos and threes. Having received the young adult fellowships in our locality and listening to those posted on, I realized that this vital living is really the way for us young adults to afford the Lord the opportunity to accomplish what he needs in these days. I have since grouped myself with 2 to 3 sisters and have scheduled times of prayer 3-4 days a week for the saints, for migration, the spreading of the gospel, BFA, BFC, the campus work and for many burdens in the Lords recovery. The fellowship has also strengthened our shepherding of the junior high and high school saints, which has increased their functioning and growth in the church. Many of the burdens we present to the Lord in our twos and threes have been answered and some are still been answered. This has been an encouragement to go on praying consistently for the Lords move. We realized that the Lord can really have a way if we just open to him and give ourselves that he may gain through our prayers and our living, his heart desire. I pray that the Lord will take us on day by day to continue on in this God Ordained way. Amen.

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