Balancing Church Life and Work

Submitted by: J.Z. (Quezon City, Philippines)

I’m a young working saint struggling to balance my church life and work. I’m really concerned with my condition before the Lord. I’ve come to a point that I’m just working so hard that I’d rather stay at home to rest than go to the meetings. Oh, may the Lord have mercy upon me! I’m very thankful to the Lord that everyday He’s making me realize that my life has a deeper and way more important purpose. My work is for me to earn a living. And every single day of my existence is for the Lord and His economy. I desperately need the saints prayers for me to learn how to balance my church life and put the Lord first. Emmanuel!

One thought on “Balancing Church Life and Work

  1. We all have been purchased by the Lord with His redeeming blood. Even if we are lost in our worldly work, the sealing and pledging Spirit will be like the old woman sweeping the whole house to look for the lost coin. Then when we are open to the Spirit and repent, we are welcome again to our Loving Father sweet embrace. This will be a fresh experience as when we are first save. When we are at the Father’s bosom again, we just want to experience His love, yet the work environment may not change but we have His peace and secure love.

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