Minoru Chen, South Orange County, February 2010

This message was given by Minoru Chen to young adults in South Orange County on February 17, 2010 .

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[audio: https://s3.amazonaws.com/livingtohim-audio/2010-02-17+Fellowship+from+Minoru+Chen+to+YAs+in+South+OC+churches.mp3]

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2 thoughts on “Minoru Chen, South Orange County, February 2010

  1. Praise the Lord I enjoyed the prayer reading.

    This has confirmed my experience of what the Lord wants in this age of the young working saints. Lord set my spirit on fire. Give me power and a revival for your move today.


  2. Listening to this message, I am touched that I lack the fire. I may have some of the proper practice of the church life, but I lack the fire. I need more time alone with the Lord confessing, consecrating, and being filled with the Spirit.

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