Prayers on Behalf of Others

Submitted by: N. Smith (Raleigh, NC)

Interceding on others behalf has become a large part of my prayer time. The Lord is really burdening me with the care for the going on of all the saints. Many have fallen away from the Lord but we need to see that they still have an eternal hook in them that is placed when we were predestinated and marked-out beforehand. We are God’s eternal possession and nothing can take us from Him. We need to pray for others to be recovered and restored. There are too many who are not pursuing the Lord in a real way. We must intercede on their behalf. This has really been my experience in my prayer times, because if I am running the race far ahead of everyone else I am not accomplishing God’s goal. but I pursue! with all those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart! We must see that our Christian life is a corporate matter.

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