Greeting the Lord in the Morning

Submitted by: Jun Li (Pittsburg, PA)

I’m so thankful to the Lord of being the faithful One. I prayed to the Lord for giving me vital companions and He answers it with His abundance. I am a person who sleeps about 9 hours everyday, and having a flexible working schedule, which makes me incredible to enjoy the Lord in the early mornings. The Lord arranges me to live in the sisters house in the past year. In the beginning I can only make two mornings per week with sleepy bodies. Gradually I tasted the freshness of greeting the Lord in the morning with other sisters, and the Lord transforms us, He shows me the sharp contrast of “flesh and spirit” through 2009 winter training. And I realize the body I cherish with much sleep/rest is actually flesh. This seeing changes my attitude completely. So then I can make five days of morning revival per week now, and I very much enjoy speaking our love toward the Lord as morning dew on the grass. Then I attended one week of short-term training in FTTA, which even more revolutionize my living. After coming back, I pray to the Lord to wake me up at 7am on the weekdays and my body still feel having enough sleep. He is!! Thanks to the Lord! Thanks to His Body! Thanks to my sisters who shepherds me in the sisters house with their own daily living! 

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