The Lord’s Heart is in Europe

Submitted by: Chigozie Arukwe (Lagos, Nigeria)

After listening to the testimony of sis Cox in Madrid, Spain, I sensed within me that that was the Lord’s call for the saints to move to Europe. It is really an intensified call from a member of His Body who loves the Lord. I have started to read the book of Isaiah with it’s footnotes and am presently in chapter four. Her testimony has made me desire to read this book to the end. Now I have a sense of what it means to really waste ourselves upon Him.I also realize that when we truly love Him, we would follow Him wherever He may go and be truly satisfied. This would cause us to pour out the love that is hidden in the depths of our being. He is a covering canopy of glory. A tabernacle of grace. He is streams of water in a dry place and He is a shadow of a massive rock in a wasted land. And I will make a fool of myself up here for the sake of Europe. Saints, do you hear the Macedonian call? I love this website. I am so grateful to the Lord for making me a part of His recovery. Thank You Lord for the bountiful supply of Your Body. Your brother in the one Newman, Chigozie A. The church in Lagos.

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