Fellowship with Young Adults in the Northwest, United States (James Lee & Ron Kangas, November 2010)

In this fellowship to working saints (or young adults), brother James Lee speaks a word on being delivered from the perils of discouragement and pride in our service to the Lord. He also speaks on receiving the Lord’s supply by caring for our heart, and functioning by investing our talent in sinners and in the saints. Brother Ron Kangas then fellowships on having a normal, balanced humanity including living a life of limitation, learning to work, and handling our finances, and on passing through the third stage of the experience of life including dealing with the flesh, the self, and the natural constitution.

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9 thoughts on “Fellowship with Young Adults in the Northwest, United States (James Lee & Ron Kangas, November 2010)

  1. This is a wonderful message. Practical and enlightening. But I am finding that the more I listen to these messages the more the Lord checks with me whether I am actually allowing Him to apply what I hear or not. Amen Lord, apply the word.

  2. A very helpful and timely word!
    I was impressed by bro. Ron’s sharing that those in his generation in the recovery are mostly stuck in the second stage of the experience of life– ending up ethical, moral and well-mannered but stuck in their spiritual progress and usefulness. This is a warning to us young adults, who should progress under the Lord’s shepherding through the stage of dealing with the flesh, the self and the natural constitution during these years. Then eventually we can be those who know the Body. The word about older saints being stuck is scary. How can we avoid that? How can we not get “stuck”?

  3. I remember a scary thought that I read in one of Bro. Nee’s books. I can’t remember which one, but he said that the Lord will ask only so much and receive a no for an answer until he stops asking and won’t ask any more. Essentially, if we continually refuse the commission God gives us, then he will take away the privilege of it. If the Lord calls on you today, don’t harden your heart! The Lord is good! He has prepared good works for us!

    Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

  4. praise the lord. this is a timely message.. this message exposes me from my true condition.. how we really need to turn to our spirit and exercise our faith.. what we need to do is to exercise this little faith within us. how we also need to have a proper heart. most of the time were distracted with the situation, we’re restless, we have a lot of anxieties and this hinder us to enjoy the lord. our heart is divided with a lot of things. how we really need to turn our heart to lord absolutely so that our little faith will increase. oh how we really need god’s mercy and grace to received more of god’s supply.. let us open our entire being to the lord calling on his name, pray reading his word, pray constantly with him… o lord jesus.

    1. Go therefore and disciple all the nations,Matt.28;19, Amen Lord we are going, prase the Lord for GTCA.we are one with You Lord. My Wife and I we moved or Migrated to Lethbridge area 6 month’s ago, we started to visit Poeple as soon we were here. they are so hungry and open, now we have 14-16 adult’s and about17 shildren meeting 2 times a week. sweet and wunderful. now we feel so much need for spiritual support from the Body. Lord, burden and order coople do join us here. Prase Him hoo is abel. J.&.E

  5. Thank You Lord for a life of limitation and restriction. I thanku for Your fragmentary dealings. Lord make my humanity a duplication of Your’s. Train me not to love anything other than You. Deal with my flesh, my self and my natural constitution. Praise You Lord Jesus!

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