GTCA and the Young Adults

On October 29, 2010 the co-workers in North America sent a letter to the churches titled, “An Update and Announcement Concerning the Lord’s Present Move to Gospelize, Truthize, and Churchize America.” The full contents of the letter are available for download here and here.

The burden of GTCA is to proclaim the high gospel, teach the deep truths, and raise up at least 250 new churches throughout North America by the year 2020.  This endeavor will require extensive prayer, coordination, and consecration among the saints in the North American churches.

While saints of all ages are needed for this move, we believe that the young adults and working saints have a particularly strategic role to play in this move.

How can we participate?

We can begin by praying. Please pray over the coming months that the Lord would do something in North America to answer the dissatisfaction and spiritual hunger of so many who are longing for spiritual food and reality. We can also encourage others around us to pray, including our companions and small group meetings.

Small teams of current FTTA trainees and full-­timers, accompanied by burdened saints, will conduct gospel trips to visit 30 target cities in the first two weeks of February. We hope that many of the burdened saints who attend these trips will be young adults. Let us all go to the Lord to see whether He would send us, and let us encourage the saints around us to also consider going. If we are unable to go ourselves, then perhaps we can make an offering to open the way for other saints to participate.

In addition to the 2011 gospel trips, the co-workers hope that 500 vital groups (existing or newly formed) of saints in the churches will each identify, “adopt,” and spiritually “cultivate” a separate locality in North America where there is currently not a church testimony (500 cities total). This is another great opportunity for us young adults. We should encourage our group meeting to adopt a city. If we are not in a group meeting or the saints in our meeting do not have this burden, then we should consider forming new vital groupings with other burdened saints in our locality and should adopt a city with these saints.

We hope that the Living to Him website will be a place where we can fellowship together about the GTCA burden and encourage one another with testimonies and reports.

Please use the comments section below to share with us what you and your locality are doing to support GTCA.

Have you started to pray? Will you or anyone whom you know be participating in the 2011 gospel trips? Has your vital group adopted a city? If so, how have you done this? What steps have you taken?

One thought on “GTCA and the Young Adults

  1. Having recently migrated to a new city, I amen the burden of GTCA. I would just like to testify that all the saints can migrate. I am by no means an expert in migration and really am just a one talented member who was burdened by the Lord to move. May the Lord touch more in the coming days and may He really move in this country.

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