Being Constituted With the Truth for the Spread of the Lord’s Testimony

For the propagation of the Lord’s recovery, we must pursue the truth in order to be equipped. Second Timothy 3:17 says, “That the man of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work.” The Bible is our equipment, and we need to be fully equipped in God’s word….We do not have pastors or preachers among us. Everyone here is an evangelist and a preacher of the Word. We all need to be teachers of the Word, and we also need to be apostles and prophets.

— Witness Lee, Guidelines for the Propagation of the Lord’s Recovery, ch. 1, sect. 4

These are days for the increase and spread of the Lord’s recovery.  In such a time, it is ever so crucial that we be those who are constituted with the divine truths that the Lord has deposited in His recovery to the point where we are able to unfold the truths to others in a clear way.  The truths we have in the Lord’s recovery are our constitution.

When sharing about the spread of the Lord’s recovery, our brother often spoke of the need for all the saints to enter into the truth.  Consider our brother Witness Lee’s thought as he shares in A Blessed Human Life, “The Lord’s greatest recovery among us is not in power, nor is it merely in the matter of life or the church. The Lord’s most prevailing recovery among us is the recovery of truth.” (A Blessed Human Life, ch. 5, sect. 1)  He goes on to recount how he and Brother Watchman Nee experienced a great opening among the Lord’s seekers because they were able to present the truth clearly.  He then says, “Through us the Lord first recovered the truth. Next, through the recovery of the truth He spread His testimony to every place.” (A Blessed Human Life, ch. 5, sect 2)

It is clear that Brother Witness Lee saw the intrinsic relationship between the recovery of the truth and the spread of the Lord’s testimony.  Being equipped with the truth is not only for those with the capacity of Paul or Brother Watchman Nee.  Paul says that God desires all men to come to the full knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4).  Brother Witness Lee certainly had the same vision in charging all the saints to enter into the truth. We are burdened to spread His testimony to every place, and for this we need the recovery of the truth to be practical and real in our constitution and speaking.  With such a vision, we plan a series of posts on some of the crucial truths the Lord has given us in His recovery.  We hope these posts will help us to get into these truths, be constituted with them, and practice speaking them to others.

If you have an experience of presenting something of the truth to someone and have learned something along these lines, please feel free to post below for everyone’s learning and encouragement.  It does not have to be success story, we can all learn from one another’s failures and successes.

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