Fellowship re: Lord’s Recovery and Texas Saints

Submitted by: 李 菲 麗 (USA)


From the website: On Lord’s Day, Nov. 6, 2011, bro. Minoru Chen reviewed the history of the Lord’s recovery and the role played by saints like Ray & Marilyn Graver (from Irving, Texas) who were among the first remaining fruit in Texas and whose long and proven history of closely following the ministry, practicing the things spoken, and faithful service in the Lord’s recovery should be taken as a pattern by us all. Sister Marilyn went to be with the Lord on October 30, 2011.

This is a very enlightening and every encouraging sharing. “If we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know where we are going to.” O Lord Jesus, grant us the willingness to pay the price to follow the ministry closely and absolutely.

2 thoughts on “Fellowship re: Lord’s Recovery and Texas Saints

  1. “If we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know where we are going to.”
    I encourage you to listen to this audio. (The voice of brother Minoru is low the first four minutes but then the volume is adjusted)

    We, all the young adults in the Lord’s Recovery should know the history behind the Lord’s Recovery in the United States and be impressed with the lives of br. Ray and Marilyn Graver. O Lord, go on in all of us, reproduce in us the spirit of the Lord’s Recovery found in this sister and in our dear brother. Lord, comfort our brother Ray.

  2. I am very thankful to the Lord for such patterns of the faith and for bro. Minoru’s brief sharing about the reality of the Lord’s recovery. I also have a strong amen to respond to such fellowship by reconsecrating myself yet again to be one who pours out everything for the Lord’s recovery! Lord, please reproduce such patterns of the faith in many more brothers and sisters for the sake of Your testimony! Lord, be with brother Ray, his family and the church in Irving!

    In Him,

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