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We need to be watchful and observe the events in Greece. -Witness Lee, Life-Study of Revelation, Msg. 41 (F.A., Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

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  1. He is referring to the nation that may give rise to Antichrist. To learn more, I would suggest going to the source, Life-Study of Revelation, Chp 41, found online at ministrybooks dot org. It is quite eye-opening, as two other countries leading the news these days, Egypt and Syria, are also mentioned.

    Portions from the paragraph:
    “As we consider all these points regarding Antichrist, we see what kind of person he will be and even where he will come from. I am quite certain that, according to the Bible, he will come either from Greece or from the territory of ancient Macedonia. Possibly, he will both be a descendant of the Greek nationality and come from that geographical region. … I say strongly that Antichrist will probably come from both the nationality and the territory of Greece. We need to be watchful and observe the events in Greece. … Antichrist will proceed from Macedonia or Greece to the south (Egypt), to the east (Syria), and to the Holy Land (the land of Israel). Today’s world situation is centered in the Middle East. Daily, I am watching the situation in the Middle East and exercising my spirit concerning events in that region.”

  2. This Life-Study message is covering the various aspects and characteristics of the Antichrist. In messages 40-42, Brother Lee points out that according to Daniel 8:8-9, 21-23, the Antichrist (as typified by Antiochus Epiphanes) will likely come from both the nationality and the territory of Greece. However, just as the Lord was born in Bethlehem but raised in Nazareth and was thus known as “Jesus the Nazarene,” so also the Antichrist may come from Greece in a more subtle way and thus appear to be from somewhere else. This word regarding closely watching the goings-on in Greece is particularly pertinent with the world situation as it is today.

  3. These couple of life studies are worth our getting into. The reason why Br. Lee believed Antichrist would come out of Greece or Macedonia is because of the prophecies in the book of Daniel. We should take note of the revelations given in each chapter. Daniel 2 portrays the great human image signifying human government. Daniel 7 gives the revelation of the 4 beasts coming out of the sea. Daniel 8 shows us the ram and the goat fighting against each other. We know from history that the goat signifies the Grecian empire during the time of Alexander the Great. He was the big horn which was broken and split into 4 conspicuous ones. After the death of Alexander the great, Greece and Macedonia were split into four parts. Daniel 8:8 tells us “out of one of them came forth a little horn, which grew toward the south (Egypt) and toward the East (Syria)…” The little horn refers to Antichrist. This gives us incite to his origin.

    We need to be watchful and pray that we may be those who escape the great tribulation. Before the tribulation the Lord will come as a thief to take all those who are precious to Him. We should pray, Lord, I want my heart stolen by You! Make me one who enjoys You as the preciousness today! Cause me to be one who loves your appearing every day, every week! Even this day and this week!

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