Fellowship from Brother Chris Wilde on Reading the Life-studies

As a follow up to the meeting in Anaheim on December 31, 2011, and in response to the burden for our age group to be constituted with the truth, brother Chris Wilde has recorded a 22-minute video on how to read the Life-study messages. His fellowship is based on his many years of serving with the Life-study of the Bible with Witness Lee radio broadcast. We hope this video will be a great help and benefit to all the saints as we enter into the depths of God’s word and enjoy “this inexhaustible treasure.”

“The brothers and sisters who are willing to read all the Life-study messages and to study every word of the Recovery Version of the New Testament will have a solid foundation. This inexhaustible treasure will be within them for their whole life.”
(Guidelines for the Propagation of the Lord’s Recovery, Chapter 2, Section 4)

26 thoughts on “Fellowship from Brother Chris Wilde on Reading the Life-studies

  1. Thank you very much for this fellowship. I can’t wait to get into the messages this way. I am not a y.p., I have been in the Recovery long time, have read many life studies, prayed while reading, but have always felt a lack, that I should be approaching them in a more specific way. I believe this is it! Thanks again. I am going to post this on my status(Is that ok?–I will wait for confirmation before I do that, in case there is a reason not to)

    1. Please feel free in the future to post any of the content on LivingToHim.com to Facebook or other social media, unless otherwise stated. Thank you for checking!

  2. This message is very timely. After enjoying the fist chapter of 1Thessalonians, I started ‘ticking the boxes’ and this felt like some duty which does not give much supply. But after hearing Bro Chris Wilde, the messages are now more enjoyable when the burden is open like a heavenly vision. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, my lord.. by your mercies we open ourselves to you for the organic union in God our Father. Amen.

  3. When considering 1 Sam 21 we see young man with David on a journey abstaining from women and in this way keep there vessel holy ; why ??? This is the condition for them to partake of the holy bread and fill there hungry stomach. So the real hunger is after the holy bread and fornication leaves hungry. The two go together; eating the bread of life and being kept from fornication. ( In the new testament its not just in our deeds but even by our eyes, in the mind) Math 5:28 So we must by the Spirit put to death the practices of the body; Rom 8:13 This is to pluck out our eye and cast it from us Math 5:29 This is to be a virgin and a first fruit too God and the Lamb Rev 14.
    The basis for this is; that we are purchased from the earth.
    As a young man i saw an other young brother turn a fashion magazine on its back not to be contaminated by the sight , and he still is a fruitful one in the recovery (30 years later). This made an enormousness impression on me and a motivation to imitate this one. What is true for the brothers is also true for the sisters. And sisters must be aware in spirit , not with outward correction, to give no rise to the brothers and cover the magnets of there bodies to the eyeballs of the brothers. O Lord we need the resurrection power of You as the Spirit operating in us to be on this level. To be in the life-studies helps a lot.

    1. Sorry this was my comment on message 15 , but still want to thank Chris for his explanation on how to find the burden. And its all about the burden which make it easy to digest, enjoy, created gusto and share to others besides getting the point .Its absolutely helpful in building up the Church in love.

  4. Amen. Thank you for the very helpful fellowship. I will learn to approach the life-studies in this way.

    We want the burden!

  5. Very helpful to see that the brothers are concerned not only for our “reading the life studies” but also for our “properly digesting the life studies” and “getting into the burden of the message”. It kind of is easy for one to “tick off” the message by reading it and that’s it – but it takes time, focus, concentration, and really seeking the Lord to touch something in the message. We don’t want just to read the message – we want to get the burden!

    Lord, make us those who read the life-studies with a vision – receiving the burden You have in the Bible and in our brother’s ministry!

  6. What a needed word! A timely and perfecting word. If we follow this pattern we will not waste years of reading! Brother Chris shared his experience with us and warned us from merely entering into a programmed reading when approaching the Life Studies. He also said that coming to the Life Studies to find points, although an upgrade, is not the way to go.

    We must read, with an exercised spirit and with an inquisitive mind, just like brother Nee did. When coming to the Life Studies or to any other message, O saints we must find the BURDEN! He mentioned the verse “The poor you will have always, but you will not always have Me.” O saints we will always find good points but we need the “ME”
    So, it is not about finding good points in the message, neither it is the “fulfilling my obligation” and “checking the boxes” of my reading program, but of finding the Burden of the Lord in the message. Then the Burden will guide us to the points. The Burden will become our nourishment and we will be able to take it wherever we go, we will be able to speak it! I enjoyed when brother Christ said refering to finding the Burden “I have something I can share.”

    I also came to appreciate more the radio programs at lsmradio.com because the Burden is presented in each one. Brother Chris suggested that after we get into one Life Study and had found the burden, that same day when it is still fresh we should compare the burden we found with the burden presented in the audio Life Study that we read. Then we will see if what we picked up as a burden is that the brothers said.

    Lord Jesus, cause us to find You in our reading and in our listening! Not merely good points but You, the Burden in the messages.

  7. !Justo la palabra que necesitabamos oir! Una palabra de perfeccionamiento. Si seguimos este modelo del que nos hablo el hno. Chris no desperdiciaremos nuestras decadas de lectura. El hno. nos compartio su experiencia y nos advirtio de entrar a los Estudios Vida como un simple “Programa de lectura.” Ademas nos dijo que si entramos a los Estudios Vida simplemente obteniendo un punto bueno por aqui y otro por alla, aunque un avance, no seria esto suficiente.

    Debemos leer con un espiritu ejercitado y una mente inquisitiva, asi como lo hizo el hno. Nee. cuando vengamos a un Estudio Vida o a cualquier otro mensaje, Oh Santos, debemos encontrar la Carga! Menciono el versiculo “A los pobres siempre tendran en medio vuestro pero a Mi no siempre Me tendran” Oh Santos, siempre vamos a poder encontrar muchos puntos interesantes pero necesitamos encontrar el “Mi”. Asi que no se trata de encontrar buenos puntos en un mensaje o de “cumplir con mi obligacion” en mi programa de lectura, sino de encontrar LA CARGA del Senor en el mensaje! De esta manera la Carga misma nos guiara a los puntos. La Carga llegara a ser nuestro sustento y la podremos llevar por dondequiera que vayamos, vamos a poder compartirla porque ya esta en nosotros! Disfrute en el compartir del hermano cuando dijo refiriendose a encontrar la carga “Tendre algo de que hablar”!

    Esta comunion del hermano tambien me hizo apreciar mas los Estudios Vida en audio que estan en http://lsmradio.com/espanol/ porque la Carga se nos presenta en cada uno de ellos. El hno. ademas nos animo a que despues de leer un Estudio Vida y de encontrar la Carga del mensaje, ese mismo dia cuando el mensaje aun esta fresco en nosotros escuchemos el audio del mensaje que leimos y comparemos la Carga que nosotros encontramos con la Carga de los hermanos.

    Senor Jesus, llevanos a encontrate a Ti en cada mensaje que leamos o escuchemos! No simplemente puntos interesantes sino la Carga en los mensajes!

    Al final el hno. Chris dijo “Ahora, ya tienen ustedes mi carga”! 🙂

  8. Thank you for this video, to show us how to read the life-studies:
    – not as part of a reading program just to check off the box.
    (I have done this a few times).
    – not to get all the points.
    – BUT to get the burden.
    Amen for learning how to get to the burden, with example from
    1 Thess. 1 first three verses.

  9. Amen brother. Thank you for the timely fellowship. How dreadful if we just tick the boxes and missed the burdens…. and most of all, the enjoyment of the Lord!

    And thank you for all of your life-study broadcast. I’ve been listening to your voice for almost a year!

  10. Praise the Lord we have a way! We have so many resources right in front of us, that we could really gain God’s hearts desire. Lord, open our being to receive what has been put before us, that we would be diligent and faithful to pursue You in this way… That we would not miss the mark!…

    Thank you brothers for your faithful service, we too can follow this pattern, not to just check off boxes, but to really see the burden and enjoy all these riches! Amen!

  11. Thanks so much for this fellowship! I confess I started out this reading program with the intention of merely keeping up with my reading on the ministrybooks.org/reading website. Basically “checking off the boxes”. But I quickly got behind because there wasn’t much desire or hunger to keep reading. This fellowship makes me want to go back and read in a fresh way, to look for the burden of the message and not just to read in a program way or just to get the points. Thank you again for this fellowship.

  12. Thank you brother Chris for your practical and helpful fellowship, and thank you saints for making it available to us on this website.

    I realised I am not always very good at “remembering the points” after reading, but the times when I have picked up the burden – especially crystallised into just one or two sentences – that is what I remember the most and am able to share with others.

    May we continue to be open to the imparting of the heavenly television into our being!

  13. Brother Chris’ fellowship helped me quite a bit. I feel like I was enlightened to see my habit is usually that of “getting the points”. A a brother, I always like to “get the points” so that I can increase my knowledge and outline-based understanding of the Word. I was really helped to approach the Life-studies in a different manner after hearing this fellowship.

    May we all enter into the burden of each message. Lord, don’t let us miss your present burden!

  14. Thank You very much.
    I feel that I need to have new beginning in my reading of Life Study… Lord Jesus I am willing to learn and I want to read this more with You to receive Your fresh speaking and really see what is on Your heart to have also something what will refresh, nurish me and will be something to nurish others.
    I appreciate that as a help we have radio programs and in such way we can learn more how really pick up the burden and learn from one another.


  15. Amen, Praise and thank the Lord for the measure in Brother Chris. Praise Him for His testimony and His Recovery. Hallelujah

  16. I really enjoyed our brother’s fellowship. One subtle point that he introduced but never fully developed was the matter of the chef knowing how to cook fine French food. The ministry is so rich and high, yet it seems that many in Christians do not appreciate it for what it is. It is convicting to realize that the reason others may not have a taste for the ministry is that we don’t know how to cook it properly! We need to get into each message with a view to picking up the burden and presenting it to others, not as a doctrine, but as something we have personally seen and experienced. In this way others will pick up a taste for the ministry and appreciate its richness.

    1. Wow DC, thank you, that’s such a good reminder…. I remembered that I was captured by this ministry by being “fed” and “served” by the saints who prepared something “tasty” for me enjoy everytime! Now we all need to learn to be nursing mothers and exhorting fathers and to learn how to “cook” so well as to properly feed and serve the “children” – the new and young ones, so that even their enjoyment of the Lord is refreshed and nurtured whenever we meet them. The ministry is our raw materials, and our mingled spirit the fire, and the secret really is the pick up the main burden and present it well to others… because they are the “zesty” ingredients that makes the portion so unsearchably rich that keeps and holds the “diners” when they are convinced to take a bite. We need to be top chefs and make the churches in our localities the top restaurants!!

  17. When I first heard the charge to read the Life Study of Thes corporatly, inwardly I did not want to participate as I did not want to fall into a programmed reading habit. However, I was bothered by the Lord to go ahead and participate in a sober way, praying to the Lord before each message that he would open up this word and speak life to me. My schedule was to begin reading the versus & footnotes in the scripture reading, then the LS message, then listening to the LS broadcast of the same message. As a churh kid, in my whole Christian life, I have never has such a full breakfast! I find myself waking up an hour earlier just to enjoy a full healthy breakast in the Word. What an impression and a change this has made in my personal daily walk. I am so glad I decided to participate according to the Lords leading so that I could develope such a taste for him and spend the time to feast on His word. Im so happy to hear such a confirming word from brother Chris as this has strengthened my reading expierence.

  18. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you brother Chris for imparting your burden and vision into so many of us. Hallelujah for such a rich life imparting propagating ministry. Also enjoyed your encouragement to share our enjoyment with others in many different settings. I hope to take more opportunities. (I’m a verrrry slow reader absorber….takes me over 30 minutes to read, maybe because I take notes and try to write the verses or at least pray over the verses first). Thanks again. May so many endeavor to take this way.

  19. I really thank the Lord for this fellowship. I really believe young people need all the guidance they can get in how to get into the Truth.

    I also grew up in the Recovery and was told many times to read the Life Studies. By default, “program reading” was the only way I know how to read the messages. I always end up giving up later on, because I felt like nothing is getting in, and there seem so much truth to memorize. But then one day I came across the Life Studies radio program. Praise the Lord. They really helped me, because the radio program messages really do a good job in bringing the points together into a burden.

    When I finally went to the Full-time training, where I’m being perfected to prophesy more frequently, I realized finding the burden of message really is the way to touch the Lord in the Word. When we touch the burden of the message the Lord really imparts something into us. Then when the Lord gets into us, it is so easy to overflow what we gained. This really have set the way for me to how to study the Word all the way until now. I love God’s Word and I love the Ministry! Praise the Lord!

  20. Thank you so much for the fellowship. To be honest, bro.Chris gave words to the feeling which was in me for a long time – program reading, reading for points, touching the burden. I was so encouraged “Paul had the burden, bro.lee found & expressed the burden in the life-studies, our dear faithful brothers found the burden in the life-studies and expressed them in the radio programs”. Praise Him that His burden can reache me.

    As he mentioned, hearing the radio programs really nouriches & cherishes me. But more importantly it gives me an earning desire to read the Bible and to listen to the next program. Every day on my way to office, I thank the Lord for such a rich enjoyment in the radio programs. Glory be to Him. Thank you brothers for being so faithful.

  21. I have been reading the Life-Study of Thessalonians… but let me say this, I did focus on faith,love and endurance. So when you said, ‘where’s the burden’ oh my dearest Father God, my precious Lord Jesus! I have been here for many years, how I thank God for His Word and this Ministry!! Thank you brother for your burden and love in Christ toward the saints. Sincerely, your Sister Carol

  22. I’m so thankful for our brother’s feeling to share his experience with us. I have been on the 5 year reading plan, now expanded to 10 year motivated mostly by something similar to “program reading.” I was dreading expanding to a 15 year program (ff course, scheduling and following that schedule is a big part), but have a renewed sense for how to continue with my reading.

    I have always struggled with how to take a life-study I’ve just read and to share it at the dinner table, coffee table or bible-study without appearing to just recite some points. After this fellowship, I am encouraged to again seek the Lord’s fresh speaking in my reading.

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