Msg. 16: LS of 1 Thessalonians

Today we come to message sixteen: “The Hope of the Christian Life” Hallelujah!

The verses for this message are 1 Thes. 4:13-18

The sections of this message are:






21 thoughts on “Msg. 16: LS of 1 Thessalonians

  1. Dear Saints how wonderful it is that our christan life is absolutely different from the hopeless life of fallen mankind…
    Praise the Lord that as those who believe in Christ, we have a life full of hope, full of future :))) Our hope is the Lord’s coming back.The holy life for the church life is a life with a future, a life with hope. This hope is not merely the Lord’s coming; it is the Lord’s coming with resurrection and rapture.

    During listening to radio programm I was touched that rapture is the end of our life on this earth and that full meaning of raputure is “exceeding joy” it means you will be “crazily joyful” you will be soo joyful that we you will not know what to say…

    Thank you Lord for giving us such a life and such a hope!

  2. How do we comfort saints who are mourning?
    Not by the non-scriptural, sugar-coated teaching of “going to heaven”, as so many are led to believe, but rather by the truth that we believers have a Christian life full of hope. Our hope is to be resurrected and raptured to be with our Lord who is coming back! Thank You, Lord!

  3. Praise the Lord! We have a living hope in Christ Jesus! We are not like the unbelievers who’s future is only death. Lord, we thank You for Your mercy to us. Do give us a heart for the unbelivers. Give us the boldness to declare to them the pure truth that is revealed in Your Word!

  4. Praise the Lord that we have hope of the Lord’s coming including resurrection and rapture! We are different from the unbelievers. When I was an unbeliever, I tried by best to avoid thinking about the future and death because I know I had no hope! I felt so hopeless and depressed when I think about the future. But now as believers we have hope, and it is glorious to just think about it! Praise the Lord for this hope!
    Also, dead believers don’t go to heaven! They go to the Paradise. Go to heaven after death is a leaven from pagan sources and adopted by Catholicism. Catholicism adopted many pagan practices to “fit in” with the practices of the local people (Like the pagan holiday the day of the dead in Mexico became a part of Catholic holidays). We need to be clear about these things and know the truth according to God’s word!

  5. “Resurrection is not only a matter of life, but a matter of life overcoming death.” Lord put me in, keep me in resurrection. “As those who believe in Christ, we have a life full of hope.” Praise the Lord “we have a life with a future, a life with hope.”

  6. “As those who believe in Christ, we have a life full of hope. Our hope is the Lord’s coming back. Furthermore, our hope includes resurrection and rapture. Resurrection is not only a matter of life, but a matter of life overcoming death….This hope is not merely the Lord’s coming; it is the Lord’s coming with resurrection and rapture.”

    Hallelujah! We have such a glorious hope! We have a hope of the end of our life being rapture! Today we have Him as our LIFE and at the end of our human life we will be raptured!!

  7. Hallelujah we are full of hope! Fallen man has no hope, the future of fallen man is death. But thank the Lord that we’ve been regenerated and are now being transformed into Sons of God! Now we are full of hope! Praise the Lord, He is coming back!! Make us ready to be those raptured!

  8. I just enjoyed singing hymn 1306 after reading this wonderful Life Study message on the Lord’s coming. He is coming! Praise the Lord!

    We serve the living God
    And wait His Son to see;
    For this we need faith, love, and hope,
    Increasing constantly.

    We love You Lord Jesus!

  9. We should not have the simple religious concept of going to heaven after we die. Rather, we should study the Bible regarding matters such as death, resurrection, rapture, the Lord’s second coming, and the millennial kingdom.

  10. “As Christians, we should live a holy life for the church life. This life has a hope, the hope that the Lord whom we are serving today will come back. At His coming back, the saints who have died will rise up from Paradise and the tomb to be caught up with those who are alive and remain.”

  11. As those who believe in Christ, we have a life full of hope. Our hope is the Lord’s coming back.

    Lord may our living correspond to this hope. Praise You Lord Jesus for giving us a living hope.

  12. In this message I was really encouraged to see in a simple way what will happen at the Lord’s return. His coming is not that simple, and it is not all at once. No, we need to see that there are stages in His coming, stages of rapture, there’s the resurrection, etc. I can’t believe that “this is basic” – wow, these matters need to be committed to our mind, understanding, and shined on with spiritual enlightenment, so that we would not only not be affected by the trend in the world / general Christianity today, but we would be able to speak these matters!

    Lord, make us the overcomers, those who will be raptured, who will not taste death!

  13. Praise the Lord! I enjoyed that “resurrection and rapture are both in addition to life!” Today we have life and are enjoying life. At the Lord’s coming, He brings in resurrection and rapture. When life overcomes death, that is resurrection. Yet, rapture is something that goes even beyond resurrection! This is our hope!

  14. I am encouraged that we believers living the Christian life have a living hope because we have God. This is in contrast to the unbelievers who do not have God and hence do not have hope (of course, we pray for them). Their future without God is just death, and their only expectation is death. Living day by day toward this destination, they nevertheless take it for granted and avoid the matter. I am impressed on how true this is if you consider the situation today; since their future is a looming darkness, unbelievers usually prefer not to talk about their future, but rather just “live for today”. We, on the other hand have a positive expectation of not only a life full of hope and enjoyment (and with a future), but also a hope of the resurrection life which overcomes the sting of death. Furthermore, beyond resurrection, we also have the hope to be raptured and taken up to the 3rd heavens or the air. Hallelujah! And practically, from a previous message, resurrection life is Christ Himself, and Christ in resurrection is the Life-giving Spirit, now in our spirit!

  15. To be at peace — In 1 Thessalonians Paul gives this exhortation: “Be at peace among yourselves.” Br. Lee writes, “To regard the leading ones and to be at peace with one another is a proper condition of a local church.” He adds, “The same principle applies to the family life. If the children do not respect their parents, how can there be peace?”
    As a mother I can relate to this, there is such peace in the family when the children respect the parents and one another.
    I’m really encouraged to respect the saints in the church life and especially the leading ones to have peace among us.
    Thank you Lord, for such an enlightening ministry that infuses us with life and reality.

  16. Paul’s intention is to give the new believers a basic concept of the hope of our Christian life. He wants to impress them with the fact that the Christian life, which is a holy life for the church life, has a hope. Therefore, this life is absolutely different from the hopeless life of fallen mankind. The hope of the Christian life is the Lord’s coming back, and this hope includes resurrection and rapture.
    Haleluja we have hope!

  17. The only hope for the unbelievers is death. Hallelujah! for the hope we own as believers. Our future is full of hope. Those believers who have died and those who are still living will be raptured! The belief of “going to heaven” after one dies is a Catholic belief adopted by Buddhism, full of superstition. The believers who have died are now in the pleasant part of Hades, Paradise. Also, there is a group of the firstfruits, the overcomers. Lord, we have a future full of hope!

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