Brothers Becoming Sons of Oil

Submitted by: Paul R. (Jackson, MS)

I was in Atlanta for the SE Blending Conference this past weekend I just wanted to share a short word from brother Ron’s message Friday night.

Concerning a point on experiencing the gold of the lampstand by receiving from the sons of oil, he said he agrees with and supports the burden for raising up young brothers to take the lead in the churches and in the work. And he supports and appreciates the usefulness of those in our generation who are manifesting their talents for the furtherance of the Lord’s recovery on the earth. But, he said, he longs for and still awaits the raising up of brothers with ministry – ministry as defined in chapter one of An Autobiography of a Person In the Spirit – that of being something produced through suffering and revelation. He said that without these ones (sons of oil) being produced, the first generation will pass away, and in the decades to come that’s all we will be left with – capable brothers, brilliant minds, MBA certified leading ones, magnificently run churches, and zero ministry.

I was just touched brothers, that we need to be those who are willing to pay the price to ‘buy’ the gold of the lampstand. Who knows if the Lord will eventually constitute us ministers of the Word, but we ought to be those who are open to the Lord’s price when it comes to buying the gold.


5 thoughts on “Brothers Becoming Sons of Oil

  1. Amen! Lord I present my spirit,soul and body to be filled by you and for you. I am willing Lord to pay the price. Gain my heart Lord Jesus! Gain every corner of my heart! I love your move in Nigeria! I love your move in the whole universe! I love your move in Abakaliki! I am for You and the church. O’ Lord Jesus i love you

  2. Yes Lord, strengthen us to respond to Your burden. We are weak,but YOU ARE. And You CAN Lord. We give ourselves to You. Gain us for Your interest on this earth.

  3. Amen Lord produce us ministers!We don’t want to be capable brothers, brilliant minds, MBA certified leading ones, magnificently run churches, and zero ministry!Lord produce us ministers.Make us those who have a ministry. Take us in the constricted way for this. Give us many experiences of life for this!Amen Lord Jesus!

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