Our Fresh Enjoyment

Just as I cannot be independent from the Head, I cannot be independent from the Body…We must avail ourselves constantly of the fellowship of the Body, for it is our very life. -W. Nee, The Mystery of Christ, Chpt. 4 (J.O., Calgary, Canada)

One thought on “Our Fresh Enjoyment

  1. We need more than the knowledge of an objective God in our mind; we need to have the element of the subjective God added into our being.This occurs not by teaching but by experience. Therefore, whenever we feel weak in our spirit, mind, or body toward the things of God, we need to call on the name of the Lord…To call on the name of the Lord is to breath life into us, and this life is nothing less than Christ as the embodiment of God realized as the Spirit….In this way, the divine element is added into our being, and we grow with this element. As a result, our Christian life and growth will be normal and healthy.-The All-Inclusive Indwelling Spirit, ch.6

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