New England Conference and Q&R with Ron Kangas (April 2012)

In his visit to Boston/New England during April, 2012, Brother Ron Kangas gave one message as well as three sessions of Question and Response (Q&R) – one with the churches in the Boston area, one with sisters only and one with the working saints. These times were rich in content and rendered much spiritual and practical help to those in our generation.

Message; Q&R with the churches in the Boston areaQ&R with Sisters; Q&R with Young Adults

20 thoughts on “New England Conference and Q&R with Ron Kangas (April 2012)

  1. Praise the Lord! This fellowship was such a refreshing and cherishing word to me. It really caused me to go to the Lord and seek His face! I am so glad that it is available on audio so that I can listen to it while I’m cooking and watching my baby! It truly brings peace into our home to have the ministry being played at all times.
    Thank you so much for posting these messages! Please keep them coming!

    1. Amen Natalie :), I am very thankful too for the ministry online! Thank You Lord, thank you saints

  2. The first recording is also Q&R (with saints from Boston area churches). It is not a message.

      1. Hi, as i launch the “Message” for listening the file starts to play for about 5 min., then stream stops, what’s wrong? Other records go smoothly.

        1. Dear Igor, we do not seem to have the same problem you are experiencing. Please try again and if that doesn’t work try downloading the message first onto your computer by right clicking on “Message” and then “Save as…”. Please send us an email if that still doesn’t work.

          1. I am also experiencing the same problem like Igor,tried replaying for five times still getting cut off or stops.Don’t know why.

  3. Thank you for posting these messages. Much helped by them personally and in shepherding others.Praise the Lord for the Ministry of Life.

  4. Take the time to listen to the end of the sharing after Ron’s message when brother B. Light shares about opportunity. The present opportunity to care for the ministry and participate in the Lord’s move. Very awesome and touching sharing full of light and feeling. Thank You Lord for the members of the body.

  5. I had been listening to these messages over and over again. What a word! Lord, is only your mercy that we are able to hear such a practical yet spiritual speaking… Thanks for posting!

  6. Praise the Lord that I can still listen to this helpful fellowship even though I am half way around the globe from Boston!

    1. Right click ove each Heading of the Messages and then “Save target as…” to “save as” to your folder.

  7. Elohim The Triune Has sent His Sign to all of The saints to maturity of The Christ Bride, Halelujah

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