Christian Research Institute – Apologetic Methods (5 Videos)

Hank Hanegraaff and Elliot Miller of the Christian Research Institute discuss the importance of conducting discernment ministry properly and the consequences of statements made in error regarding the local churches in the Lord’s recovery.

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10 thoughts on “Christian Research Institute – Apologetic Methods (5 Videos)

  1. Thank you for this; it was insightful. I did not know that people have died under the discipleship of Brother Watchman Nee. What can we do when people print slanderous things about us? We can praise the Lord. We can find comfort and assurance in the blessings of the kingdom people. We can pray-read those. We can pray for one another, and we can pray for those that are persecuting as well as speaking evilly against us.

    Oh Lord Jesus, bless those that speak against us according to Your will. Oh Lord Jesus, establish peace between us and our enemies. Amen.

  2. Praise the Lord, He has answered the churches prayer to vindicate His recovery for Him to advance and fulfill His economy in this consummate age.

  3. First we would like to give thanks to the Lord Jesus who had granted us
    Grace upon grace in hearing His words which is “The Truth and Life”
    Supplying us everyday. Second is we should always praise Him who
    is on the Throne administrating and judging in His divine move
    earth that His name would always be sanctified among those who
    Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Lastly, I praise that He give
    Wisdom to those who are without that they may who Christ is and His body.
    We praise you Lord! Amen !

  4. I thank and praise the Lord for all the brothers who labored in the litigation and especially Witness Lee, who all stood firm in the truth of the Bible and vindicated the Lord’s way and move among His people.

    Matthew 16:18b ….”I will build My Church, and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it”.

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