Christian Research Institute – Local Church Practices (3 Videos)

In this series of videos, Hank Hanegraaff comments on his realization that the local churches have “something to offer Western Christianity.” He speaks about the practice of prophesying, in which every believer has the opportunity to speak for Christ. He describes this practice as “not prophesying in the sense of foretelling the future but in the 1 Corinthians 14 sense of edification and strengthening other believers.” Hank and Elliot Miller then discuss the practice of prophesying, in which all of the members of the church practice speaking for and speaking forth Christ from God’s Word (1 Cor. 14:1, 3-5, 26).

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6 thoughts on “Christian Research Institute – Local Church Practices (3 Videos)

  1. The third video was wonderful, yes brother Elliot, “to chew on the cud”! Saints let’s chew on the cud! And be nourished!!!

  2. Yes, this is exactly the way that I get nourished. May many believers come to enjoy the Lord by eating, chewing, and proclaiming the word of God. Thank You, Lord.

  3. The Lord Jesus has gained the victory and will continue to gain the victory through these faithful brothers and sisters in Christ in admitting they were wrong. I love them dearly in Christ. May the Lord gain so much from His recovery out of this! We are for the Lord’s Recovery!

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