Christian Research Institute – Persecution in China Engendered by Countercult Ministries (1 Video)

In this video, Elliot Miller of CRI describes his experience of meeting with Christians in the local churches in China, where he saw a revival that was not just emotional but was grounded in orthodox theology. He also recalls experiencing the strong move of the Spirit of God in the gospel.

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6 thoughts on “Christian Research Institute – Persecution in China Engendered by Countercult Ministries (1 Video)

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  2. Amen! Indeed the spirit of the Lord in the gospel is moving unhindered in mainland China! Praise the Lord! We (my husband and I) just came back from our ’emergency trip’ to the Philippines. Thank God for His sovereign arrangement, we were able to meet some young people from mainland China who are so desperate and absolute to consecrate and offer their time to the Lord; to be perfected, trained, truthize for the full expression and manifestation of the Lord in China! Hallelujah!

  3. Hallelujah for the orthodoxy of the church! Praise Him for the Young People in China who are being brought by the Lord into His move in this age.. the final move befor He returns. May the Lord preserve His own in China in Him, in the church life.

  4. I sure would like to meet more people that are drawn to Christ and are excited about His Word. Hallelujah! Prayers are being answered. Lord Jesus, cause Your face to shine upon spiritually seeking ones and save them with Your lovingkindness. Amen.

  5. To have been able to read this ministry has made such a difference in my life. however, it is not something once done, that it is then enough. We need something to continue with, and be nourished all the time. I balances our life. It equips us to feed the weary with a word. Praise the Lord

  6. Much can be shared on the difference between “copying”Christ(popularly WWJD?) and “living” Christ but experience is the best teacher as seen in the shining faces of the saints.What a joy to know how to touch the Lord Jesus in our spirits and let Him BE LIVING!!PRAISE THE LORD

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