NorCal Working Saints Conference with Minoru Chen

On the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, 2012 brother Minoru Chen joined the working saints at a retreat in Northern California. Posted below are the messages given during that time. There were two messages Saturday morning and two messages Lord’s Day morning. On Saturday night there was an informal time of fellowship with questions and answers. All five audio files are available below:

Message 1 (Sat. Morning)

Message 2 (Sat. Morning)

Special Saturday Night Fellowship with Q&A

Message 3 (LD Morning)

Message 4 (LD Morning)

6 thoughts on “NorCal Working Saints Conference with Minoru Chen

  1. The fellowship from the Saturday night time is awesome! May The Lord really uplift our home gatherings in the coming days.

  2. I was most impressed with the matter of knowing what we are in message 1, we need a clear understanding of what we are and what we stand for.

  3. I was greatly cherished and nourished by all these exhorting messages. Lord visit me, Lord I need your awakening again and again. Truly, no other recourse but truly to take “this way” of knowing who you are in and where you are going in the Lord. Lord, make my identity and my destiny so clear and vivid as our brother. Lord I don’t want to waste my so called “Christian life” not knowing the real essence of being such a one. Lord, my identity and my destiny will likewise be the identity and destiny of my whole household. Lord, make me such a person that is absolutely, no reservations just wholly for Christ and the church. Lord cause me and my household fighting to live and to die for God’s interest and for God’s kingdom bearing the ark for God’s testimony.

  4. Our brother mentioned that they had further Q&A in their condo. Will the fellowship be available for downloading? Amen!!!

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