Teachers’ Training with Tom Goetz in Utrecht, NI (Nov. 2012)

On November 10-11, 2012, Brother Tom Goetz gave a series of messages based on the book “Teachers’ Training” by Witness Lee. These messages were given in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in preparation for the upcoming Winter School of the Truth in Europe. Even though they were given to a specific audience, this speaking is highly relevant and applicable to our practice of the church life for the building up of the Body of Christ. In particular, the matter of perfecting was brought out in a clear and emphatic way in message 6 and deserves much attention and consideration. May the Lord use these messages to hasten His return!

Audio: Message 1; Message 2; Message 3; Message 4; Message 5; Message 6

Outlines: English; Français; Español

13 thoughts on “Teachers’ Training with Tom Goetz in Utrecht, NI (Nov. 2012)

    1. Unfortunately we only have the audios in English, unless someone is willing to translate them and give us the audio. Grace to you.

  1. So good to be reminded in message 1 of the proper practice of pray-reading the word e.g. Matthew 4:4 and that the word “only” becomes a weapon – the sword – when we receive the word by means of all prayer and petition (Eph.6:17-18).

  2. While listening to msg 6 I was reminded of how important it is to bring our children along. I also appreciated the fellowship on Noah’s family. Looking at it from the perspective of the sons. This was refreshing. Unfortunately the msg stopped and I could not listen to anymore of it. It only went 7 minutes and 49 seconds. If someone knows why that happened I would appreciate any fellowship thanks.

  3. Wow. This was really supplying. This was needed. There were so many enjoyable points. There have been experiences in the church life which have made someone so angry that one’s whole perspective of the bible was tainted until the anger was dealt with by the Lord. This was not seen until after having listened to Bro. T.G.. Praise the Lord for being able to hear what the Spirit says and being able to see as a result of hearing. There was a touch of godly fear to hear that just because people are in the teaching profession does not mean that one is automatically qualified to work with the young people. It brought godly fear to hear that teachers were being disqualified. With the gift of teaching the gift of shepherding is required. The Lord’s deepest heart’s desire involves gifted persons. Bro. T.G. helped one to see that love is not easily offended, and it does not keep a record of wrong, but things are not always what they seem. Just because someone seems alone and rejected outwardly does not mean that person is without the Lord inwardly. The Lord can work in someone until that person is brought to a place in which that person does not need the approval of others to go on in the Lord. This quote is going to be turned to. “Spiritual warfare accordingly demands an attitude of total death to feeling and an absolute trust in God. Only a person with this attitude can bear up alone and not seek companions or man’s approval in fighting the enemy. Only this calliber of Christian can proceed under all sorts of anguished feelings…Though he may appear to be deserted by God and forgotten by men, yet he mans his battle station. He is a prayer warrior. He overcomes Satan.” This is so very touching. There is a lot of love for this quote. This audio message brought such joy and happiness. There was laughter! Praise the Lord for His training grace!

  4. Message 2

    The entire Bible is the economy of God no matter what book it is, but if the brothers specifically requested of the serving ones not to read from certain parts of the Bible, the best thing is to just do what they say. Ask questions about it later in private. One of the students in truth school could be emotionally affected by certain books of the Bible. Who knows?

    It was helpful to hear that the young people need less doctrine and more experiential testimonies. There was an experience like this. A young girl was met on campus, and she was spiritually seeking. The sharing one empathized with her about relationships, putting herself in the spiritually seeking one’s place. She shared that she used to have worldly relationships, but now she’s a temple of the Lord. She cannot be unequally yoked. The Word was shared. The Spirit was dispensed, and the young one received salvation and went independently to a church and got baptized. She took a URL for radio messages online. Now she listens to them.

  5. Hallelujah for the pray-reading in message 3. It was so uplifting! It took me right to the church life in my spirit. I began to pray-read with them. Bro. T.G. helped me to reflect. He said that the Lord fills those who are lacking. The more we lack, the more we need the filling of the Spirit. If we are not lacking and if we are not poor in spirit, then we will not have room in our hearts for the Lord Jesus. Amen. Every word in this message spoke straight to my spirit! It was so enlivening like Bro. Howard Higashi’s testimony. He’s relatable to and a living letter. There are things that the young people emphasis on: 1)to become seeds of the gospel 2)to be a testimony of Jesus to their friends, 3) to be burdened for their friends, and 3)to gain newly saved gospel preachers. Serving ones, have discussion questions and experiential connections to the points being shared during truth school. Thank You, Lord Jesus for Bro. T.G. and the spiritual riches of the pneumatic Christ.

  6. Message 4

    “What mystery, the Father, Son, and Spirit, / In person three, in substance all are one. / How glorious, this God our being enters / To be our all, thru Spirit in the Son! / The Triune God has now become our all! How wonderful! How glorious! This Gift divine we never can exhaust! / How excellent! How marvelous!…How real it is that God is now the Spirit / For us to touch, experience day by day! Astounding fact, with God we are one spirit, / And differ not in life in any way!”

    Pray-reading John 1:4 was enjoyable and praying for the young people was sweet. A minute was not enough; it went by too fast, but thanks, Lord Jesus for being able to pray with the saints.

    We are not that different from the young people. Ugh! How humbling! Knowing what the young people struggle with helps us find antidotes and answers to it in Christ.

  7. Message 5

    Don’t rebuke the young people. Don’t exhort the young people. Don’t admonish the young people. Just testify. Got it. This is very helpful.

    Don’t make them work around you. You work around them. That was very practical. For example, I was tutoring this elementary schooler. I love this child. He makes me smile despite things.

    He was reading a book, and I was trying to help him sound out something. I told him to put the book on the table so we could both read it. He wouldn’t move the book. He wanted to try to read it without my help. I bent over the book and helped him sound out the word. The Lord spoke to me in that situation. We need to be Christ, the Unique Steward in life and nature. That means making sure that the ones we are serving are getting what they need. We need to make sure that they are digesting it. Amen.

    1. Amen! This is the new philosophy: we need to be like Christ not by what we know but by Him as our person. Dispensing d Triune God in a real sense!

  8. Message 6

    It was really touching to learn that young people can learn from our living. I have friends that are young people, and I just want to make sure that we do not have a life of honey (a life of natural affection). I want us to have a friendship and living of spiritual affection. Everything seems pointless if it’s not of Christ. Our faithfulness can be a problem; it can be religious. Christ is vs. religion. Sometimes we can be so faithful that spiritually seeking ones cannot keep up.

    When we teach others we are forced to thoroughly consider things. We learn more when we teach others. If we are too focused on being faithful, how are we going to help others? In addition to enjoying the Lord, we need to serve and work.

    I don’t want the young people to be like me. I want them to be better than me.

    I have a powerpoint presentation, and the first slide has a blueprint as the background. I send it to my friends; it’s about the economy of God.

  9. Amen sister in Christ,Can we ask your favor to send us also a copy og your powerpoint on the economy of God

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