Migration Testimonies

Submitted by: A.T. who migrated from Berkeley, CA to Alhambra, CA in 2009 to hold a job.

What is the spiritual highlight of your migration?
I experienced the Lord’s sovereign arrangement in a very practical way.  Even though my situation did not turn out to my preference and liking, I still felt that the saints that I became related with were sovereign of the Lord.  I was down emotionally and spiritually, but the saints provided a supply and shepherding care.  Also, there happened to be a need in the locality (YP work), and I learned that no matter how bad I felt my spiritual condition was that week, each time I came to the meeting I found myself feeling useful and needed (as the saints were burdened to have more young adults in the church, as well as younger serving ones for the young people).

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  1. Serving others is nice, because it takes us out of what we’re going through and focuses us on other people. Great to hear your experience.

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